Weight loss associated with employee income in an incentivized employee wellness program


OBJECTIVE: We examined the relationship between the type of incentivized wellness program and employee weight loss and the effects of participant income.

METHODS: We retrospectively examined employees who participated in one of six weight loss wellness programs, which were categorized for the present analysis: reweigh/body mass index, Coaching, and Weight Watchers/Meal Replacement. Those who participated were eligible for a $350/year insurance premium discount.

RESULTS: Employees in the low-income category of $45K or less participated at a higher rate, however, did not lose as much weight as those participants in the higher income categories of $70K or more. We found a positive association with weight loss in two of the categories, reweigh/body mass index, and Weight Watchers/Meal Replacement programs.

CONCLUSION: Wellness programs have a significant impact on employee weight loss, but this relationship may vary across the income level of participants.

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