SP15: A 22-Minute MCQ to Assess Clinical and Underlying Science Knowledge in Geriatrics

Presentation Notes

Presented at 45th STFM Annual Spring Conference in Seattle, WA on April 26, 2012.


Statement of Purpose/Problem: An extensive literature search failed to reveal any instrument that assess the underlying scientific knowledge needed by physicians to care for geriatric patients consistent with the ACGME’s medical knowledge competency.

Description: A multispecialty educator group developed/administered a 26- item, geriatric focused, multiple choice examination presented as 13 item pairs: (1) a patient vignette to assess clinical knowledge and (2) the science underlying the clinical condition (eg, impaired homeostasis).

Summary of Results: Twelve family medicine residents completed the examination: 58% correct (range 39%-73%) with no difference by clinical versus science items (P>.05). Overall exam reliability was .54.

Implications: A paired clinical and underlying science multiple choice examination provides a moderately reliability assessment of residents’ geriatric related medical knowledge of common clinical conditions.

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