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Works from 2024


A refractory case of Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome (CAPS), Shanti Timilsina MD, Matthew Mahoney MD, Kidus Kebede MD, Abhay K. Jella MD, Salman Waheeduddin MD, and Joaquin Solis MD (Poster)


Relevance of Adalimumab product attributes to patient experience in the Biosimilar Era: A narrative review, Jessica R. Allegretti, Jessica H. Brady, Ann Wicker, et al. (Article)


Sarcoidosis-lymphoma syndrome and CVID: Finding the zebra and overcoming health disparity barriers, Emma C. Williams and Andrea A. Pappalardo (Article)


Sjogren’s Induced Splenic Atrophy Leading to Overwhelming S. Pneumoniae Bacteremia and Purpura Fulminans, Daniel Jabr DO, Navedeep Kaur DO, Hector Roman-Perez MD, Daniel Strama DO, and Daniel Grahf MD (Poster)

Works from 2022

Ankylosing spondylitis, Abdul Salman Mohammed and Lindsay N. Moy (Book Chapter)


Apremilast monotherapy for long-term treatment of active psoriatic arthritis in DMARD-naive patients, Alvin F. Wells, Christopher J Edwards, Alan J Kivitz, et al. (Article)


Baseline disease activity predicts achievement of cDAPSA treatment targets with apremilast: Phase 3 results in DMARD-naive patients with psoriatic arthritis, Philip J. Mease, Arthur Kavanaugh, Alexis Ogdie, et al. (Article)

Gout, Sangili Chandran and Ahja D. Steele (Book Chapter)


Telemedicine and psoriatic arthritis: Best practices and considerations for dermatologists and rheumatologists, Alice B. Gottlieb, Alvin F. Wells, and Joseph F. Merola (Article)

Works from 2019


Raynaud's phenomenon manifesting as progressive abnormal MRI bone marrow signal in the toes, Mason A. Brown, Douglas Handley, and Andrew Simon (Article)

Works from 2015

Factors Associated With Time to Diagnosis in Fibromyalgia, Gabriel Chodick, Daliah Weitzman, Yael Bar-On, Varda Shalev, and Howard Amital (Supplement)

Works from 2014


What Is PFAPA and Why Does it Matter?, Dennis J. Baumgardner (Editorial)

Works from 2005

Association of the CTLA-4 gene with rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese Han population, Cai Lei, Zhang Dongqing, Shi Yeqing, et al. (Article)