The modified ultrasound-guided distal-to-proximal carpal tunnel injection with median nerve hydrodissection: A retrospective safety review of 827 procedures


Department of Pain & Rehab Medicine, BayCare Clinic


Objective: The aim of this report is to describe a new ultrasound guided technique for carpal tunnel injection and median nerve hydrodissection using distal to proximal approach.

Methods: From 2015 to 2019, 827 consecutive injections by distal-to-proximal approach were included using coding information to check for post-procedural skin hypopigmentation, hematoma, seroma, nerve injury, or vascular injury.

Results: There were no occurrences of post-procedural skin-hypopigmentation, hematoma or seroma formation, or neurovascular injury.

Conclusions: The distal approach carpal tunnel injection is a safe and effective method. It may directly inject the medication into carpal tunnel to avoid skin hypopigmentation from steroid side effect with previous report method, also it may release adhesion of median nerve with surrounding soft tissue by hydrodissection. It helps median nerve compression at outlet of carpal tunnel.

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