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Works from 2021


The "Sweet Spot" Revisited: Optimal Recall Rates for Cancer Detection With 2D and 3D Digital Screening Mammography in the Metro Chicago Breast Cancer Registry, Garth H Rauscher, Anne Marie Murphy, Qiong Qiu, Therese A Dolecek, Katherine Tossas, Yanyang Liu, and Nila H Alsheik (Article)

Works from 2020


An integrative literature review of barriers and facilitators to cervical cancer screening among refugee women in the United States, Heidi Luft, Mireille Perzan, Rita Mitchell, and Austin Schmidt (Article)


Building a Safe and Collaborative Working Environment on L&D, Shant H. Adamian, Dara Markovic, Nicole Salvo, Corinne C. Droesslet, Callie Cox Bauer, Carla Kelly, and Deborah Simpson (Poster)


Primary epithelioid angiosarcoma of the uterus: a rare tumor with very aggressive behavior, Nasma K Majeed, Brian Adley, Grace Guzman, and Vikas Mehta (Article)


Retrospective review of cesarean hysterectomy outcomes utilizing uterine intravascular interventions in a large, community-based healthcare setting, Natalie R Mironov, Jessica J F Kram, Kayla Heslin, and Elizabeth L. Dickson Michelson (Article)


Trends in Attaining Mammography Quality Benchmarks With Repeated Participation in a Quality Measurement Program: Going Beyond the Mammography Quality Standards Act to Address Breast Cancer Disparities, Garth H Rauscher, Katherine Tossas-Milligan, Teresita Macarol, Paula M Grabler, and Anne Marie Murphy (Article)


Which medications work best for menorrhagia?, Allison Lale, Elise Halajian, Rick Guthmann, and Joan Nashelsky (Article)

Works from 2019


Sexual quality of life after the treatment of gynecologic cancer: what women want, J L Hubbs, Elizabeth L. Dickson Michelson, R I Vogel, C L Rivard, D G K Teoh, and Melissa A Geller (Article)

Works from 2018


The Needs of Women Treated for Ovarian Cancer: Results From a #gyncsm Twitter Chat, Teresa Hagan Thomas, Karin Nauth-Shelley, Michael A. Thompson, Deanna J. Attai, Matthew S. Katz, David Graham, Dee Sparacio, Christina Lizaso, Audun Utengen, and Don S. Dizon (Original Research)

Works from 2017


Hormonal contraception and therapy use in breast cancer survivors: Do recurrence and mortality risks increase?, Sara Stanenas, Danielle M. Greer, Jessica J F Kram, Judy A. Tjoe, and Benjamin Dorton (Abstract)


Robustness of a newly proposed risk schema for lymphatic dissemination of endometrioid endometrial cancer, Danielle M. Greer, Jessica J F Kram, Callie M. Cox Bauer, and Scott A. Kamelle (Poster)

Sex-related differences in outcomes among men and women under 55 years of age with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: Results from the PROMETHEUS Study, Jaya Chandrasekhar, Usman Baber, Samantha Sartori, Michela Faggioni, Melissa Aquino, Annapoorna Kini, William Weintraub, Sunil Rao, Samir Kapadia, Sandra Weiss, Craig Strauss, Catalin Toma, Brent Muhlestein, Anthony C. DeFranco, Mark Effron, Stuart Keller, Brian Baker, Stuart Pocock, Timothy Henry, and Roxana Mehran (Article)

The American Society of Breast Surgeons and quality payment programs: Ranking, defining, and benchmarking more than 1 million patient quality measure encounters, Jeffrey Landercasper, Lisa Bailey, Robert Buras, Ed Clifford, Amy C Degnim, Leila Thanasoulis, Oluwadamilola M Fayanju, Judy A. Tjoe MD, and Roshni Rao (Article)

Works from 2016

ABM clinical protocol #16: Breastfeeding the hypotonic infant, revision 2016., Jennifer Thomas and Kathleen A Marinelli (Article)

Alcohol septal ablation in a pregnant patient with symptomatic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Armaan Shaikh and A. Jamil Tajik (Abstract)

Eating and Drinking in Labor: Reexamining the Evidence, Jackie Tillett and Chastity Hill (Article)

Folic acid supplementation, Kaarkuzhali Babu Krishnamurthy, George L. Morris III, and M. Sazgar (Book Chapter)

Risks of methadone use as substitute therapy for opioid addiction during pregnancy and use of clonidine as a plausible alternative, Masroor Munim, Zafar Iqbal, and David F. Stowe (Article)

Survivors speak: a qualitative analysis of motivational factors influencing breast cancer survivors' participation in a sprint distance triathlon, Karen M Robinson, Linda B Piacentine, Leslie J. Waltke, Alexander V Ng, and Judy A. Tjoe (Article)

Works from 2015


Breast Cancer Screening: Early Detection Is Not Enough, Judy A. Tjoe (Editorial)

Gentle Cesarean Delivery, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Increasing Morbidity in the Pregnant Population in the United States, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Medication use during pregnancy and lactation: the new FDA drug labeling., Jackie Tillett (Article)

Role of surgical staging and adjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of uterine carcinosarcoma, O. Cabrera, C. Cho, Ahmed Dalmar, and Ali Mahdavi (Abstract)

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, calcium, and calcium-regulating hormones in preeclamptics and controls during first day postpartum, Ahmed Dalmar, Hershel Raff, Suneet P. Chauhan, Maharaj Singh, and Danish S. Siddiqui (Article)


The Clinical Breast Examination: A Useful Screening Tool?, Jennifer Lo (Review)


What Are the Recommended Timing and Screening Modalities for Women at Higher Risk of Developing Breast Cancer? A Clin-IQ, Summer Jatala, Shawn Fitzgerald, Pamela Tietze, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrisnan, Laine H. McCarthy, and Elizabeth Wickersham (Topic Synopsis)

Works from 2014


Application of the Breastfeeding Personal Efficacy Beliefs Inventory and Acknowledgment of Barriers for Improving Breastfeeding Initiation Rates in an Urban Population, Diwata Bose, Callie Cox Bauer, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Original Research)

Assessment of resident knowledge and comfort with menopause and openness to integrative therapies: the short term impact of evidence based menopause hand-out, H Handler, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Abstract)

Breast atypia: timing of progression to subsequent clinically significant event, Judy A. Tjoe, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, Gary F. Neitzl, J J. Marx, and C Jewett (Abstract)

Feasibility of oral prenatal probiotics against maternal Group B Streptococcus vaginal and rectal colonization, Lisa Hanson, Leona Vandevusse, Megan Duster, Simone Warrack, and Nasia Safdar (Article)

Feasibility of using the Breastfeeding Efficacy Beliefs Inventory for improving breastfeeding initiation rates in an urban population, Callie Cox Bauer, Diwata Bose, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Abstract)

Gynecologic surgeons: profiling at a glance, Kiley A. Bernhard, Danish S. Siddiqui, H A. Louks, and S P. Chauhan (Abstract)

Major complication rate after mastectomy with implant reconstruction in a community hospital setting, William L. Owens (Abstract)

Maternal Group B Streptococcus colonization and neonatal morbidity in premature preterm rupture of membranes, D M. Hirsch, Diwata Bose, Dennis J. Baumgardner, and Jeffery S. Garland (Abstract)

The new hypertensive guidelines for pregnancy: what every nurse should know, Nicole Franzen Pfaff (Article)

Works from 2010

The uses of aromatherapy in women's health, Jackie Tillett and Diane Ames (Article)

Works from 2009

Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy, Christine VanMullem and Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2008

"Conscience" clauses: the rights and responsibilities of a nurse, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Perinatal nurses, poverty, and prematurity, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2007

Breast-feeding: a unique time for nursing support, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Nurses as interdisciplinary educators, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2006

Are open visitation policies beneficial for women?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2005

Should elective cesarean birth be an accepted option for women?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2004

The use of vaccines in pregnancy, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2003

From the editors, Jackie Tillett, Diane J. Angelini, and Susan Blackburn (Editorial)

Use of over-the-counter medications during pregnancy, Jackie Tillett, Loryjean M. Kostitch, and Leona VandeVusse (Article)

Works from 2001

Substance abuse by pregnant women: legal and ethical concerns, Jackie Tillett and Kathryn Osborne (Article)

Works from 1999

Midwifery triage and management of trauma and second/third trimester bleeding, Jackie Tillett and Lisa Hanson (Article)