Tricuspid atresia and common arterial trunk: A rare form of CHD


Advocate Children's Heart Institute, Advocate Children's Hospital


Tricuspid atresia with common arterial trunk is a very rare association in complex CHD. This association has even more infrequently been documented concomitantly with interrupted aortic arch. We present the diagnosis and initial surgical management of an infant with a fetal diagnosis of tricuspid atresia and common arterial trunk, with additional postnatal finding of interrupted aortic arch with interruption between the left common carotid and left subclavian artery. Due to the infant's small size, she was initially palliated with bilateral pulmonary artery bands and a ductal stent. This was followed by septation of the common arterial trunk and interrupted aortic arch repair and 4 mm right subclavian artery to main pulmonary artery shunt placement at two months of age. She was discharged home on day of life 81.



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