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Works from 2023

2023 AIAMC Innovation Award, Deborah Simpson, Jacob Bidwell, Terry Frederick, et al. (Award)


Promoting vaginal birth in the nulliparous term singleton vertex (NTSV) patient, Tina Davis-Larkin, Kim Kocur, Valerie Swiatkowski, Ellen McNicholas, Emily Welps, Laura Sylvester, Lindsay Brauneis, Maria Cava, and Emily Wetherell (Poster)


Standing Up to Patient Microaggressions, Deborah Simpson, Roxanne Smith, Tricia La Fratta, et al. (Oral/Podium Presentation)

Works from 2022


Becoming an Upstander to Patient Microaggressions, Kjersti Knox, Deborah Simpson, Wilhelm Lehmann, Anne Getzin, Esmeralda Santana, Roxanne Smith, Tricia La Fratta, Theresa Frederick, Kristin Ouweneel, and Jacob Bidwell (Abstract)

Bulimia nervosa, Amanda Dobbins and Dana Vlachos (Book Chapter)

Cellulitis, orbital, Frances J. Boly and Tazeen Rizvi (Book Chapter)

Depression, adolescent, Margo L. Bailey-Leatherwood and Lovella Kanu (Book Chapter)

Dyspareunia, Janelle K. Hadley and Staci Lynn Vanderjack (Book Chapter)

Frostbite, Aliyah Ahmed and Sangili Chandran (Book Chapter)

Gout, Sangili Chandran and Ahja D. Steele (Book Chapter)

Meniere disease, Sangili Chandran and Jay B. Shah (Book Chapter)

Pediculosis (lice), Sangili Chandran and Timothy D. Prajka (Book Chapter)

Works from 2020


Lowering Gestational Diabetes Risk by Prenatal Weight Gain Counseling, Evelyn M Figueroa, Kara Nitti, and Stephen M Sladek (Article)