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Works from 2020


Remodelling of calcinosis cutis in a patient with scleroderma overlap syndrome, M R Dittmer, M Ogawa-Momohara, Y Muro, M Kono, and M Akiyama (Letter)


Syndromes associated with multiple pilomatricomas: When should clinicians be concerned?, Kevin Ciriacks, Daniel Knabel, and Megan B. Waite (Article)

Works from 2019


A single-centre cohort study on cutaneous manifestations of antinuclear matrix protein 2 antibody-positive dermatomyositis, S Okochi, M Ogawa-Momohara, Y Muro, M R Dittmer, and M Akiyama (Article)


Frequency of contact allergy to implanted cardiac devices, Matthew Gold, Neel Nath, Cynthia Green, and Amber Reck Atwater (Article)

Works from 2014


Primary Care for Melanoma: Should We Be Screaming for Screening?, Dennis J. Baumgardner and Alexandria Rogers (Review)

Works from 1991

The epidemiology of skin tears in the institutionalized elderly, Michael Malone, N Rozario, M Gavinski, and J Goodwin (Article)