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Works from 2021


Impact of electronic consultation (e-consult) on timeliness and guideline concordance of workups leading to thyroid nodule fine-needle aspiration biopsy, Samuel S Yoon, Denise H Wong, Joel I Reisman, Jolie B Wormwood, and Varsha G Vimalananda (Article)


Insulin and glucose responses to hypoxia in male and female neonatal rats: Effects of the androgen receptor antagonist flutamide, Santiago Rolon, Christine Huynh, Maya Guenther, Minhal Gardezi, Jonathan M. Phillips, Ashley Gehrand, and Hershel Raff (Article)


New cutoffs for the biochemical diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency after ACTH stimulation using specific cortisol assays, Bradley R Javorsky, Hershel Raff, Ty B Carroll, Alicia Algeciras-Schimnich, Ravinder Jit Singh, Jessica M Colón-Franco, and James W Findling (Article)

Works from 2020


Corticosterone, adrenal, and the pituitary-gonadal axis in neonatal rats: Effect of maternal separation and hypoxia, Ashley Gehrand, Jonathan M. Phillips, Kevin Malott, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Fatal cerebral edema in a young adult with diabetic ketoacidosis: blame the bicarbonate, Sameera Natarajan, Radhika Kulkarni, and Apoorva Tangri (Article)


Prospective evaluation of late-night salivary cortisol and cortisone by EIA and LC-MS/MS in suspected Cushing syndrome, Joshua Kannankeril, Ty Carroll, James W Findling, Bradley Javorsky, Ian L Gunsolus, Jonathan Phillips, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Response to letter to the editor: "Assay-specific spurious ACTH results lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary testing, and surgical misadventure-a case series", Loren Wissner Greene, Eliza B Geer, Gabrielle Page-Wilson, James W Findling, and Hershel Raff (Response or Comment)


Serum soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor in adolescents: interaction of chronic pain and obesity, Hershel Raff, Jonathan M. Phillips, Pippa M Simpson, Steven J Weisman, and Keri R Hainsworth (Article)

Works from 2019


A commentary on diagnosing Cushing's disease in the context of renal failure, Hershel Raff, Eric P Cohen, and James Findling (Article)


A long-acting neutralizing monoclonal ACTH antibody blocks corticosterone and adrenal gene responses in neonatal rats, Ashley Gehrand, Jonathan M. Phillips, Kevin Malott, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Assay-specific spurious ACTH results lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary testing, and surgical misadventure-a case series, Loren Wissner Greene, Eliza B Geer, Gabrielle Page-Wilson, James W Findling, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Bedtime salivary cortisol and cortisone by LC-MS/MS in healthy adult subjects: evaluation of sampling time, Hershel Raff and Jonathan M. Phillips (Article)


Glucose management technologies for the critically ill, Pedro D. Salinas and Carlos E Mendez (Article)


Response to letter concerning comparison between different electronic glucose management technologies, Pedro D. Salinas and Carlos E Mendez (Article)


The effects of flutamide on the neonatal rat hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and gonadal axes in response to hypoxia, Santiago Rolon, Christine Huynh, Maya Guenther, Minhal Gardezi, Jonathan M. Phillips, Ashley Gehrand, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Works from 2018


Differentiation of pathologic/neoplastic hypercortisolism (Cushing syndrome) from physiologic/non-neoplastic hypercortisolism (formerly known as Pseudo-Cushing syndrome): response to letter to the editor, James W Findling and Hershel Raff (Letter)


Effect of a melanocortin type 2 Receptor (MC2R) antagonist on the corticosterone response to hypoxia and ACTH stimulation in the neonatal rat, Adam J Goldenberg, Ashley L. Gehrand, Emily Waples, Mack Jablonski, Brian Hoeynck, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Glucocorticoid receptor mutations and hypersensitivity to endogenous and exogenous glucocorticoids, Richard J Santen, Christine M Jewell, Wei Yue, Daniel F Heitjan, Hershel Raff, Kevin S Katen, and John A Cidlowski (Article)


Insulin sensitivity, leptin, adiponectin, resistin, and testosterone in adult male and female rats after maternal-neonatal separation and environmental stress, Hershel Raff, Brian Hoeynck, Mack Jablonski, Cole Leonovicz, Jonathan M. Phillips, and Ashley L Gehrand (Article)


Programming of the adult HPA axis after neonatal separation and environmental stress in male and female rats, Ashley L. Gehrand, Brian Hoeynck, Mack Jablonski, Cole Leonovicz, William E Cullinan, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Works from 2016

Cardiomyocyte GTP Cyclohydrolase 1 Protects the Heart Against Diabetic Cardiomyopathy., Hsiang-En Wu, Shelley L Baumgardt, Juan Fang, Mark Paterson, Yanan Liu, Jianhai Du, Yang Shi, Shigang Qiao, Zeljko J Bosnjak, David C Warltier, Judy R Kersten, and Zhi-Dong Ge (Article)

CORT, Cort, B, Corticosterone, and now Cortistatin: Enough slready!, Hershel Raff (Article)

Do the effects of the triorganotin tributyltin on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in vivo contribute to its environmental toxicity?, Hershel Raff (Article)

Effect of Novel Melanocortin Type 2 Receptor Antagonists on the Corticosterone Response to ACTH in the Neonatal Rat Adrenal Gland In Vivo and In Vitro, Nasha K. Nensey, Jonathan R. Bodager, Ashley Gehrand, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Increasing consumer engagement by tailoring a public reporting website on the quality of diabetes care: A qualitative study, Maureen A Smith, Lauren Bednarz, Peter A Nordby, Jennifer Fink, Robert T Greenlee, Daniel Bolt, and Elizabeth M Magnan (Article)

Is the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis disrupted in type 2 diabetes mellitus?, H. Raff and Steven B Magill (Article)

Measurement of salivary cortisone to assess the adequacy of hydrocortisone replacement, Hershel Raff (Article)

Measurement of salivary cortisone to assess the adequacy of hydrocortisone replacement, Hershel Raff (Article)

Sex differences in adult rat insulin and glucose responses to arginine: programming effects of neonatal separation, hypoxia, and hypothermia, Ashley L Gehrand, Brian Hoeynck, Mack Jablonski, Cole Leonovicz, Risheng Ye, Philipp E Scherer, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Works from 2015

Abstract T MP48: Androgen suppression in patients with prostate cancer increases incidence of combined cardiovascular outcomes, Zuber Ali, Danielle M. Greer, Robyn Shearer, Syed Gardezi, and Arshad Jahangir (Abstract)

Cushing's syndrome: from physiological principles to diagnosis and clinical care, Ty Carroll and Hershel Raff (Article)

Cushing syndrome: update on testing, Hershel Raff (Article)


Impact of the Heart WATCH Program on Patients at Risk of Developing Metabolic Syndrome, Prediabetes or Cardiovascular Disease, Jennifer T. Fink, Kathryn K. Havens, Julia A. Schumacher, Renee E. Walker, George L. Morris III, David A. Nelson, Maharaj Singh, and Ron A. Cisler (Original Research)

Implantable cardioverter defibrillators in diabetics: efficacy and safety in patients at risk of sudden cardiac death, Muhammad Shahreyar, Vijayadershan Mupiddi, Indrajit Choudhuri, Jasbir Sra, A Jamil Tajik M.D., and Arshad Jahangir (Article)

Integrated molecular pathology accurately determines the malignant potential of pancreatic cysts, MA Al-Haddad, T Kowalski, A Siddiqui, H R. Mertz, D Mallat, N Haddad, N Malhotra, B Sadowski, M J. Lybik, Marc F Catalano, S N. Okoh, L Rosenkranz, M Karasik, M Golioto, J Linder, and S N. Patel (Article)

Intermittent neonatal hypoxia elicits the upregulation of inflammatory-related genes in adult male rats through long-lasting programming effects, Ashley Gehrand, Mary L Kaldunski, Eric D. Bruder, Shuang Jia, Martin J Hessner, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Reducing Readmission Rates in Acute Pancreatitis Through Patient Education and Risk Assessment, Jordan T. Vulcano (Supplement)

Renin knockout rat: control of adrenal aldosterone and corticosterone synthesis in vitro and adrenal gene expression, Ashley Gehrand, Eric D. Bruder, Matthew J Hoffman, William C Engeland, Carol Moreno, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, calcium, and calcium-regulating hormones in preeclamptics and controls during first day postpartum, Ahmed Dalmar, Hershel Raff, Suneet P. Chauhan, Maharaj Singh, and Danish S. Siddiqui (Article)

The relationship of individual comorbid chronic conditions to diabetes care quality, Elizabeth M Magnan, Mari Palta, Jane E Mahoney, Nancy Pandhi, Daniel M Bolt, Jennifer Fink, Robert T Greenlee, and Maureen A Smith (Article)

Urine free cortisol in the diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome: Is it worth doing and, if so, how?, Hershel Raff, Richard J Auchus, James Findling, and Lynnette Nieman (Article)

Utility of saxagliptin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes: review of efficacy and safety, Renuka Jain (Article)

Works from 2014

Adrenocortical sensitivity to ACTH in neonatal rats: correlation of corticosterone responses and adrenal cAMP content, Jonathan R. Bodager, Thomas G. Gessert, Eric D. Bruder, Ashley Gehrand, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Biobehavioral measures as outcomes: a cautionary tale, Christine R Kovach, Diana Lynn Woods, Elizabeth C Devine, Brent R Logan, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Bone mineral density screening should be routine in lymphoma patients, Michael A. Thompson, Jason R. Westin, and Frederick B. Hagemeister (Letter)

Circadian variation of mineral and bone parameters in end-stage renal disease, Hariprasad Trivedi, Aniko Szabo, Shi Zhao, Tom Cantor, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Diabetes mellitus is associated with early mortality in patients with implantable cardioconverter-defibrillator, Mahek Mirza, Anton Strunets, Imran Niazi, Vikram Nangia, Chris C. Cho, Indrajit Choudhuri, M. Eyman Mortada, Atul Bhatia, Jasbir Sra, and Arshad Jahangir (Poster)

Endocannabinoid signaling in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis recovery following stress: effects of indirect agonists and comparison of male and female mice, Christopher J. Roberts, Kara L. Stuhr, Michael J. Hutz, Hershel Raff, and Cecilia J. Hillard (Article)

Physiological basis for the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of adrenal disorders: Cushing's Syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Hershel Raff, Susmeeta T. Sharma, and Lynette K. Nieman (Article)

Programming of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by neonatal intermittent hypoxia: effects on adult male ACTH and corticosterone responses are stress specific, Kathan Chintamaneni, Eric D. Bruder, and Hershel Raff (Article)


Which Clinical Guidelines Should Be Implemented for Management of Osteopenia in Primary Care? A Clin-IQ, Turia Hollingsworth (Topic Synopsis)

Works from 2007

Differential inhibition of autoreactive memory- and alloreactive naive T cell responses by soluble cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen 4 (sCTLA4), CTLA4Ig and LEA29Y, V A L Huurman, W W J Unger, B P C Koeleman, Martin Oaks, A K Chandraker, O T Terpstra, and B O Roep (Article)

Works from 2004

Basal and adrenocorticotropin-stimulated corticosterone in the neonatal rat exposed to hypoxia from birth: modulation by chemical sympathectomy, Hershel Raff, Julie J Lee, Eric P Widmaier, Martin Oaks, and William C Engeland (Article)

Works from 2003

Adrenocortical responses to ACTH in neonatal rats: effect of hypoxia from birth on corticosterone, StAR, and PBR, Hershel Raff, Julie J Hong, Martin Oaks, and Eric P Widmaier (Article)

Works from 2001

Growth hormone therapy during neonatal hypoxia in rats: body composition, bone mineral density, and insulin-like growth factor-1 expression, Hershel Raff, Eric D. Bruder, Barbara Jankowski, Martin Oaks, and Ricki J. Colman (Article)

Works from 1999

The effect of hypoxia from birth on the regulation of aldosterone in the 7-day-old rat: plasma hormones, steroidogenesis in vitro, and steroidogenic enzyme messenger ribonucleic acid, Hershel Raff, Barbara M. Jankowski, Eric D. Bruder, William C. Engeland, and Martin K. Oaks (Article)

Works from 1996

Hypoxia in vivo inhibits aldosterone synthesis and aldosterone synthase mRNA in rats, Hershel Raff, Barbara M. Jankowski, W C Engeland, and Martin K. Oaks (Article)

Works from 1992

Characteristics of diabetic ketoacidosis in older versus younger adults, Michael L. Malone, V Gennis, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Frequent hypoglycemic episodes in the treatment of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, Michael Malone, S E Klos, V M Gennis, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Works from 1991

Frequent occurence of hypoglycemia in patients with diabetic-ketoacidosis admitted to community hospitals, Michael L. Malone, S Klos, M Gennis, and James S. Goodwin (Abstract)