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Works from 2016


Evalation of the Impact of the Implementation of a Specialty Pharmacy Program in the Treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV), Trisha V. Pedone, Erika Aldag, Rachel Pedersen, Siddesh Besur, Kamran Safdar, and Ajay Sahajpal (Poster)


Evaluation of Preoperative Anemia and Transfusion Requirements in Adult Liver Transplant Recipients, Parissa Moghimi, Erika Aldag, Rachel Pedersen, Ajay Sahajpal, Jacob Clendenon, Vikraman Gunabushanam, Mehraboon S. Irani, and David Kramer (Poster)


Extracorpeal albumin dialysis with molecular adsorbent recirculating systems (MARS) and the effect on antimicrobial removal, Erika Aldag, Lynne Fehrenbacher, Uvidelio Castillo, Ajay Sahajpal, Vikraman Gunabushanam, Fadi Hussein, Manpreet Chadha, and David Kramer (Poster)

Perioperative care of the liver transplant patient, Mark T Keegan and David Kramer (Article)

The liver in critical illness, Tessa W. Damm and David Kramer (Article)