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Works from 2023


Fecal immunochemical testing compared with colonoscopy, Richard Guthmann, Robert Martin, and Ashtyn Dixon (Article)

Works from 2022

Before the fall: Implementing a program to prevent falls in long-term care facilities, Megan Helms (Article)

Interactive digital health-based self-management program to reduce hospitalizations, Adam Korte (Article)

Is less always more? The effects of time-restricted eating on weight loss, Stephanie Meier (Article)

Is the pressure worth the pain? Why you should think twice about acetaminophen in hypertensive patients, Rhona Ke (Article)


Pediatric Visual Acuity Quality Improvement Project, Jeremy Loescher, Lauren Miller, Gina Schueneman, Elise Halajian, Sanjana Soni, Tatum Scarpato, and Philip Gutsell (Abstract)


That's definitely a funny bone!: 2659, Jeremy Loescher and Sara Brown (Abstract)


Topical nitroglycerin for lower extremity tendinopathy, Jeremy Loescher, Paul Waclawski, and Richard Guthmann (Article)

Want some noninvasiveness? Try CT over invasive coronary angiography for stable chest pain, Parth Shah (Article)