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Works from 2019


Assessment of citations of the retracted article by Wakefield et al with fraudulent claims of an association between vaccination and autism, Elizabeth M. Suelzer, Jennifer Deal, Karen L. Hanus, Barbara Ruggeri, Rita Sieracki, and Elizabeth Witkowski (Article)

Works from 2006

A mechanistic study of immune system activation by fusion of antigens with the ligand-binding domain of CTLA4, Dhanalakshmi Chinnasamy, Matt Tector, Nachimuthu Chinnasamy, Kate Dennert, Karen Kozinski, and Martin Oaks (Article)

Effect of targeting BTLA-HVEM co-inhibitory pathway in partial MHC-mismatched cardiac grafts, V Vadivel, J Yang, V K. Vanguri, Martin Oaks, M H. Sayegh, and A K. Chandraker (Abstract)

Works from 2005

Association of the CTLA-4 gene with rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese Han population, Cai Lei, Zhang Dongqing, Shi Yeqing, Martin Oaks, Chen Lishan, Jin Jianzhong, Qian Jie, Du Fang, Li Ningli, Han Xinghai, and Ren Daming (Article)

CTLA-4 is important in maintaining long-term survival of cardiac allografts, Anil Chandraker, Volkert Huurman, Karen Hallett, Xueli Yuan, Alfred J Tector, Chul-Hyun Park, Ellen Lu, Nicholas Zavazava, and Martin Oaks (Article)

Expression of FOX-P3, GATA-3, and GITR during tolerance and breaking of tolerance: Abstract #221., Willem-jan Flu, Anna-Maria Wagga, Volkert Huurman, Martin Gasser, Martin Grimm, Nicolai C. Schramm, Martin Oaks, and Anil Chandraker (Abstract)

Ex vivo generation of genetically modified dendritic cells for immunotherapy: implications of lymphocyte contamination, Nachimuthu Chinnasamy, Martin Oaks, J S. Treisman, John P. Hanson, and Dhanalakshmi Chinnasamy (Article)

Works from 2003

Alloimmune induction of endothelial cell-derived interferon-gamma-inducible chemokines, Raghavanpillai Raju, Angela Malloy, Tara Shah, Rodney Smith, Martin Oaks, and Jeffrey D Hosenpud (Article)

A novel monoclonal anti-rat CTLA4 antibody abrogates longterm cardiac allograft survival induced by anti-CD28/CSA, Xueli Yuan, Volkert Huurman, Alan D. Salama, Mark Barry, Martin Oaks, and Anil Chandraker (Abstract)

Works from 2000

A native soluble form of CTLA-4, Martin Oaks, Karen Hallett, R T Penwell, E C Stauber, S J Warren, and Alfred J Tector (Article)

Cutting edge: a soluble form of CTLA-4 in patients with autoimmune thyroid disease, Martin Oaks and Karen M. Hallett (Article)

Works from 1992

The effect of cimetidine on lymphocyte subpopulations in vivo in experimental mice, A Kumar, Martin K. Oaks, and K J Kelly (Article)