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In Volume 1, Issue 2, the article “In Adult Smokers Unwilling or Unable to Quit, Does Changing From Tobacco Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes Decrease the Incidence of Negative Health Effects Associated With Smoking Tobacco? A Clin-IQ” (J Patient-Centered Res Rev. 2014;1:99-101) mistakenly reported the delivery agent in e-cigarettes as diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a relatively benign substance commonly used in concert smoke machines. Diethylene glycol, a highly toxic substance, was reportedly found in only one e-cigarette cartridge studied in the literature, which may have been due to use of a nonpharmaceutical grade propylene glycol. Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews regrets this error.




October 30th, 2014


October 30th, 2014


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