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colorectal cancer screening, Hispanics, FIT kit


Background: Mailed at-home FIT intervention kits to increase colorectal cancer screenings at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers (SSCHC).

Purpose: It is our goal to increase the current SSCHC colorectal cancer baseline screening rate of 23% to 50% within three years of full at-home FIT kit implementation.

Methods: Colon cancer is the second and third most common cause of cancer death in the United States in Hispanic men and women, respectively. Colonoscopy is the most common method of colon cancer screening, even among low-income patients. However, it has been shown in community health centers that mailed FIT kits are a more effective outreach method (40.7% completion) than colonoscopy outreach (24.6%) or usual care (12.1%). We hope to increase colorectal cancer screening in eligible patients at the SSCHC through mailed at-home FIT kits that have FIT materials, instructions and educational materials based on the Health Belief Model.

Results: A trial intervention will assess the potential for annual implementation with hopes of full implementation to all of SSCHC eligible patients in the future.

Conclusion: Application of culturally relevant interventions can be a practical and inexpensive method of increasing colorectal screening rates in community health centers with predominantly Hispanic populations.




November 10th, 2015


November 18th, 2015


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