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intuition, perception, gender, sex, ultrasound


Background: Many pregnant mothers feel they have a perception or intuition as to the gender of their unborn baby. There is very little published scientific literature regarding this topic. The study’s goal is to determine accuracy of mothers’ perceptions as to gender of their unborn babies. Many scientists believe a pregnant woman could not determine her baby’s gender by intuition, with a 50% probability of correctly determining the gender. This study should be considered fun science.

Purpose: To objectively measure a pregnant mother’s perception as to the gender of her unborn baby and compare to sonographically proved gender. The study also will measure the percentage of pregnant patients who have this intuition.

Methods: All patients will be presenting for their second-trimester screening ultrasound in the Obstetrics Department of Aurora Sheboygan Clinic and must be 17–23 weeks pregnant. A medical sonographer will describe the ultrasound exam and obtain appropriate consent and medical history. The patient will be asked if they have perception as to the fetal gender; their answer will be logged. Patients with knowledge of fetal gender will be excluded from this study.

Results: Thus far, 128 patients have qualified for the study (with an expected cohort of 400). Approximately one-third of our patient population has “intuition” or “perception” on the gender of their baby. Of these, 47% correctly indicated fetal gender, 53% did not. Within this study, we’ve started categorizing patients who have a strong intuition of fetal gender. This cohort has correctly indicated gender with 90% accuracy; however, there are not enough participants for clinical relevancy at this point in the study.

Conclusion: Preliminary data indicates mom perception of fetal gender is 47% accurate.




November 10th, 2015


November 18th, 2015


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