Volume 3, Issue 3 (2016)


Original Research


First-Case Operating Room Delays: Patterns Across Urban Hospitals of a Single Health Care System
Callie M. Cox Bauer, Danielle M. Greer, Kiley B. Vander Wyst, and Scott A. Kamelle


A Pilot Study of Circulating Tumor Cells in Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Max Haid, Edward Chesna, Mary Theodoroff, Debra K. Spaeth, Cheruppolil R. Santhosh-Kumar, and Zahid N. Dar

Topic Synopsis

Patient-Centered Essay/Creative Writing



Sharing Experiences and Expertise: The Health Care Systems Research Network Workshop on Patient Engagement in Research
Sarah Madrid, Leah Tuzzio, Cheryl D. Stults, Leslie A. Wright, Gina Napolitano, Ellis Dillon, Heather Tabano, and Sarah M. Greene


Anesthesia Exposure and Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Prospective Study
Erin J. Aiello Bowles, Eric B. Larson, Ryan P. Pong, Ron L. Walker, Melissa L. Anderson, Onchee Yu, Shelly L. Gray, Paul K. Crane, and Sascha Dublin


Patient-Reported Outcomes Collected as Part of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit in the Health Care Systems Research Network
Heather Tabano, Thomas Gill, Kathryn Anzuoni, Heather Allore, Ann Gruber-Baldini, Sascha Dublin, Thomas Elliott, David Ganz, Ming Tai-Seale, Jerry Gurwitz, and Elizabeth Bayliss


Multiple Chronic Conditions Associated With Hip Fracture Outcomes Among Males
Laurel A. Copeland, Charlene Quinn, Eileen M. Stock, Jinmyoung Cho, Rashmita Basu, John E. Zeber, and Brian K. Ahmedani


Multiple Chronic Conditions and Psychosocial Limitations in a Contemporary Cohort of Patients Hospitalized With an Acute Coronary Syndrome
Mayra Tisminetzky, Jerry Gurwitz, David D. McManus, Jane S. Saczynski, Molly E. Waring, Nathaniel Erskine, Milena Anatchkova, David C. Parish, Darleen Lessard, Catarina Kiefe, and Robert Goldberg


New News From the Adult Changes in Thought Study: A Long-Standing Living Laboratory of Aging Funded for Five More Years
Eric B. Larson, Erin J. Aiello Bowles, Rod L. Walker, Melissa L. Anderson, Darlene White, KatieRose Richmire, William W. Lee, Steven L. Balch, Andrea Z. LaCroix, Dori Rosenberg, Sascha Dublin, and Paul K. Crane


A Systematic Review of Conceptual Frameworks of Medical Complexity and New Model Development
Leah Zullig, Heather E. Whitson, S. Nicole Hastings, Christopher Beadles, Julia Krauchanka, Igor Akushevich, and Matthew Maciejewski


Survival After Recurrence of Stage I–III Breast, Colorectal, and Lung Cancer
Michael J. Hassett, Hajime Uno, Angel M. Cronin, Nikki M. Carroll, Mark C. Hornbrook, and Debra Ritzwoller


Development of Data Infrastructure to Monitor Lung Cancer Screening Use and Outcomes in Four Cancer Research Network Sites
V. Paul Doria-Rose, Lori C. Sadoka, Christine M. Neslund-Dudas, Debra P. Ritzwoller, Heather S. Feigelson, Michael J. Simoff, Lawrence H. Kushi, and Michael K. Gould


Feasibility of Establishing a Cohort in the Setting of U.S. Health Care Systems
Amanda Black, Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, Robert Hoover, LeeAnn M. Rohm, Andrew Sterrett, Nicolas Wentzensen, Michelle Wrenn, Hannah P. Yang, and Heather S. Feigelson


Rapid Case Ascertainment –– Two Algorithms to Identify Newly Diagnosed Cancer
Christina L. Clarke, Sheila Weinmann, Stephen K. Van Den Eeden, Don Bachman, Jun Shan, Michelle Wrenn, and Heather S. Feigelson


Multiple Myeloma Data in the Cancer Research Network
Rebecca A. Ziebell, Jessica Chubak, and Mara M. Epstein


Determinants of Patient Choice of Health Care Providers for Breast Cancer Treatment
Ashish Rai, Caroline A. Thompson, Allison W. Kurian, and Harold S. Luft


Health Care Utilization and Cancer Incidence Following Solid Organ Transplant
Nirupa R. Ghai, Steven J. Jacobsen, Michael J. Silverberg, Neil M. Kogut, MaLou A. Valencia, Chu-Ling Yu, and Virginia P. Quinn


The Impact of Clinical Guidelines on Prostate Cancer Screening Practices in a Population-Based Setting, 2000–2013
Mara M. Epstein, Daniel M. Frendl, Hassan Fouayzi, Richard Krajenta, Benjamin A. Rybicki, and Mitchell H. Sokoloff


Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Increasing Screening and Linkage to Care in a Large Integrated Health System
Carla V. Rodriguez, Kevin B. Rubenstein, Haihong Hu, Benjamin P. Linas, and Michael Horberg


Working Towards De-Implementation: A Mixed-Methods Study in Breast Cancer Surveillance Care
Erin E. Hahn, Corrine E. Munoz-Plaza, Jianjian Wang, Jazmine Garcia Delgadillo, Brian S. Mittman, and Michael K. Gould


Care Redesign in Joint Care
Tamara Cull, Steve Brown, Samanatha Mochaitis, and Greg Rennirt


A Depression Care Management Project to Improve Treatment Coordination and Outcomes in Patients With Comorbid Conditions
John E. Zeber, Laurel A. Copeland, Duke Ruktanonchai, I-Chia Liao, and Judy Embry


Timeliness of Follow-Up to a Positive Fecal Immunochemical Test Result Among Community Health Center Patients
Ann Oluloro, Amanda F. Petrik, Gloria Coronado, Tanya Kapka, and Jennifer S. Rivelli


Understanding Asian Patients' Lower Satisfaction With Health Care
Lu Wah Hung, Katherine Gillespie, Shuting Liang, Rachel Schwartz, Sukyung Chung, and Meghan C. Halley


Validation of Colorectal Cancer Screening in the Electronic Health Record for Identifying Patients Due for Screening in a Pragmatic Trial
Amanda F. Petrik, Bev Green, William Vollmer, Thuy Let, Barbara Bachman, Erin Keast, and Gloria Coronado


Relation of Change in Weight Status to the Development of Hypertension in Children and Adolescents
Patrick J. O'Connor, Emily D. Parker, Alan R. Sinaiko, Elyse O. Kharbanda, Karen L. Margolis, Matthew F. Daley, Nicole K. Trower, Nancy E. Sherwood, Louise C. Greenspan, Joan C. Lo, and David J. Magid


Five-Year Weight Change Trajectories in Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patients
Michelle R. Lent, G. Craig Wood, Adam Cook, H. Lester Kirchner, Sharon Larson, David B. Sarwer, and Christopher D. Still


Qualitative Data from a Trial of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Pharmacist Management (Hyperlink)
Anna R. Bergdall, JoAnn M. Sperl-Hillen, Patrick J. O'Connor, Steve E. Asche, Benjamin F. Crabtree, Emily A. Smith, Rachel A. Nyober, Steven P. Dehmer, Michael V. Maciosek, Pamela A. Pawlowski, Nicole K. Trower, and Karen L. Margolis


Preventive Service Use Among People With Serious Mental Illnesses: Results From the PRIME Study
Bobbi Jo Yarborough, Nancy Perrin, Elizabeth Shuster, Scott P. Stumbo, Micah T. Yarborough, and Carla A. Green


Overuse and Underuse of Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Primary Care
JoAnn M. Sperl-Hillen, Patrick J. O'Connor, Karen L. Margolis, Alan L. Crain, and Heidi L. Ekstrom


Leveraging Self-Report, Electronic Health Record and Human Resource Data to Estimate the Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Worker Productivity
David C. Tabano, Arne L. Beck, Melissa L. Anderson, Paul A. Fishman, David C. Grossman, and Debra P. Ritzwoller


Factors Associated With Longevity Among Oldest-Old Male Patients With Hip Fractures
Jinmyoung Cho, Eileen M. Stock, John E. Zeber, Brian K. Ahmedani, Rashmita Basu, Charlene C. Quinn, and Laurel A. Copeland


The Burden of Hidradenitis Suppurativa in Maccabi Healthcare Services: Real-World Data Analysis
Dalit Litmanovitch-Goldstein, Vardda Shalev, and Gabriel Chodick


Evaluating Shared Decision-Making Across Clinical Topics in Primary Care: An Exploratory Study Using the OPTION5 Observer Measure
Ellis C. Dillon, Cheryl D. Stults, Caroline Wilson, Amy Meehan, Judith Chuang, Martina Li, Glyn Elwyn, Dominick Frosch, and Ming Tai-Seale


Elements of Effective Noninvasive Ventilation Use in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among High-Performing Hospitals
Kimberly A. Fisher, Kathleen M. Mazor, Sarah Goff, Mihaela S. Stefan, Nicholas S. Hill, Michael B. Rothberg, Penny S. Pekow, Lauren A. Williams, and Peter K. Lindenauer


Evidence-Based Mental Health Discussions During Periodic Health Exams: The Cup Is 1/3 Full
Ming Tai-Seale, Laura Hatfield, Caroline Wilson, Cheryl D. Stults, Thomas McGuire, Lisa Diamond, Richard Frankel, Lisa MacLean, Ashley Stone, and Jennifer Elston Lafata


Beyond the Publishable Paper: Finding the Story in Your Research
Paige Backlund Jarquin, Charlene Barrientos Ortiz, Lisa Cuitto, Betty Hart, Crystal LoudHawk-Hedgepath, Lorenzo Ramirez, Curtis Robbins, Dee Smyth, and Leslie Wright


Design Features of Successful Outpatient Chronic Disease Care Clinical Decision Support Systems
Patrick J. O'Connor, JoAnn M. Sperl-Hillen, Stephen E. Asche, A L. Crain, Heidi L. Ekstrom, and Karen L. Margolis


Operationalizing a National Research Network
Andrea D. Buchmeier, Christine Cameron, Krista Bradley, and Jan Lowery


Parental Expectations and Attitudes Towards Receiving Genomic Information About Children Participating in a Population-Based Biorepository
Alanna K. Rahm, Audrey Fan, Lindsay Bailey, Kara Fultz, Janet L. Williams, and F. Daniel Davis


Universal Screen for Lynch Syndrome in an Integrated Health Care System: Assessment of Patient Perspectives and Sharing Results With At-Risk Relatives
Jessica Ezzell Hunter, Jamilyn M. Zepp, James V. Davis, Kellene M. Bergen, Kristin R. Muessig, Susan K. Peterson, Sapna Syngal, Louise S. Acheson, Georgia L. Wiesner, Jacob A. Reiss, and Katrina A.B. Goddard


High-Risk Breast Cancer Clinic –– A New Risk-Stratified, Evidence-Based, and Efficient Patient Care Model
Susan R. Snyder, Rosemary Leeming, Alanna K. Rahm, Jing Hao, and James M. Pitcavage


Effects of Systematic Referral to Genetic Counseling in High-Risk Women With and Without a College Degree
Sarah Knerr, M. Robyn Andersen, Charles W. Drescher, Robert Resta, Michelle Hager, Carole Shaw, Kate Watabayashi, and Nicole Urban


Capturing Sex Partner Information in the Electronic Health Record: Implications for Research on Sexual Minorities Within an Integrated Health Care Delivery System
Mark A. Schmidt, Alexandra M. Varga, Phillip M. Crawford, Sanchita Sengupta, Suzanne E. Gillespie, Judy L. Donald, and Mary A. McBurnie


A Qualitative Exploration of Perceived Health Issues Among Transgender Individuals in Atlanta and San Francisco
Ashli A. Owen-Smith, Cory Woodyatt, R. Craig Sineath, Enid Hunkeler, La Tasha Barnwell, Ashley Graham, and Michael Goodman


Perceptions of Barriers to and Facilitators of Participation in Transgender Health Research
Ashli A. Owen-Smith, Cory Woodyatt, R. Craig Sineath, Enid Hunkeler, La Tasha Barnwell, Ashley Graham, and Michael Goodman


Mobile Technology and Promoting Health Equity for Low-Income Patients
Sharon S. Laing, Cindy P. Mendez-Hernandez, Carlota Ocampo, and Stacy Baugh


Does Patient-Provider Racial/Ethnic and Language Concordance Impact Patient-Reported Experience of Care?
Vani C. Nimbal, Beinan Zhao, Jia Pu, Robert J. Romanelli, Latha Palaniappan, and Sukyung Chung


Predicting the Risk of Emergency Department Visits in Medicaid Members: Development and Temporal Validation of a Model
Eric S. Johnson, Xiuhai Yang, David H. Smith, Amanda F. Petrik, and Micah L. Thorp


Integrating Technology Into Mental Health Intervention Trials
Jennifer M. Boggs, Angelika D. Clarke, LeeAnn M. Rohm, Arne Beck, Rebecca Rossum, Julia Richards, Sona Dimidjian, Ursula Whiteside, Zindel Segal, and Gregory Simon


Visual Approaches to Bring Population Data Insights at Your Fingertips
Ketan Mane, Jackie Blank, and Michael Hornberg


Data-Driven Modeling of Electronic Health Record Data to Predict Prediagnostic Heart Failure in Primary Care
Kenney Ng, Walter F. Stewart, Christopher deFilippi, Sanjoy Dey, Roy J. Byrd, Steven R. Steinhubl, Zahra Daar, Heather Law, Alice R. Pressmnan, and Jianying Hu


Physician Documentation Behaviors in Electronic Health Records as a Potential Source of Noise for Early Detection of Heart Failure
Sanjoy Dey, Kenney Ng, Jianying Hu, Roy J. Byrd, Steven R. Steinbuhl, Christopher deFilippi, Alice R. Pressman, and Walter F. Stewart


Watson Health: A New Approach to Population Health and Research
Sharon Hensley Alford, John Piccone, Mark Sexton, Jason Gilder, and Michele Pesanello


OpenNotes® –– Building Relationships With Patients for Better Health and Health Care
Arvind Ramaprasan, James D. Ralston, and Robert Penfold


Tracking Health Care Team Response to Electronic Health Record Asynchronous Alerts: Role of In-Basket Message Burden
Laura M. Sandford, Hassan Fouayzi, Devi Sundaresan, Jerry H. Gurwitz, Terry S. Field, Kathy M. Mazor, and Lawrence Garber


Sulfonamide Use During the First Trimester of Pregnancy and Risk of Selected Congenital Anomalies Among Live Births
Craig Hansen, Susan E. Adrade, Heather Freiman, Sascha Dublin, Katie Haffenreffer, William O. Cooper, Craig Cheetham, Darren Toh, De-Kun Li, Marsha A. Raebel, Jennifer L. Kuntz, and Nancy Perrin


Use and Customization of Risk Scores for Predicting Cardiovascular Events Using Electronic Health Record Data
Patrick J. O'Connor, Julian Wolfson, David Vock, Sunayan Bandyopadhyay, Gabriela Vasquez Benitez, Paul Johnson, and Gediminas Adomavicius


Who Are the Users of Medicare’s New Preventive Visits Under the Affordable Care Act?
Sukyung Chung, Jia Pu, Robert Romanelli, and Hal Luft


Classification and Mapping of Emergency Department Use in Three San Francisco Bay Area Hospitals
Alice R. Pressman, Anjali Franco, Sarah Robinson, Lisa Dean-Gilley, and Maria Moreno


Scaling Lean in Primary Care and Impacts on Organizational Performance
Dorothy Y. Hung, Michael I. Harrison, Meghan C. Martinez, and Harold S. Luft


Patient Experiences in Selecting a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan
Cheryl D. Stults, Alison Baskin, Ming Tai-Seale, and M. Kate Bundorf


The Impact of Narrow Provider Networks on Patterns of Care
Caroline C. Carlin, Bryan Dowd, and Lucas Higuera


Cost-Minimization Analysis of Risk-Stratified Hematuria Evaluation
Jing Hao, Susan R. Synder, Amanda J. Young, and H. Lester Kirchner


Pent-Up Demand After the Affordable Care Act
Angela R. Fertig, Caroline S. Carlin, Scott B. Ode, and Sharon K. Long


The Effect of Hard-Stop Medicaid Payment Reform on Early Elective Deliveries
Heather M. Dahlen, Mac McCoullough, Angela R. Fertig, Bryan Dowd, and William Riley


Contraceptive Choice After the Affordable Care Act
Angela R. Fertig, Caroline S. Carlin, and Bryan Dowd


Changes in Adolescent HPV Vaccination Following Incorporation Into California’s Pay-for-Performance Program
Katharine A. Rendle, Caroline A. Thompson, Jennifer Ahern, Heidi M. Bauer, and Sandra R. Wilson


Gender Differences in Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment in Primary Care
Cynthia Campbell, Constance Weisner, Felicia W. Chi, Thekla Ross, Stacy Sterling, and Jennifer Mertens


Implementing Collaborative Care Management for Depression, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease Across Eight Health Care Systems
Arne Beck, Jennifer Boggs, Angelika Clarke, Karen Coleman, Claire Neely, Tami Hemmila, Kris Ohnsong, and Leif I. Solberg


Antidepressant Adherence Across Diverse Populations and Health Care Settings
Rebecca C. Rossom, Susan Shortreed, Karen J. Coleman, Arne Beck, Beth Waitzfelder, Christine Stewart, Brian K. Ahmedani, John Zeber, and Greg Simon


Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Patterns of Service Use Prior to Diagnosis
Frances L. Lynch, Lisa A. Croen, Ashli Owen-Smith, Robert L. Davis, Ginger C. Hanson, Phillip M. Crawford, Kristal C. Ruse, and Yinge X. Qian


Mobile Assessment of Depression Treatment Response: Recruitment Challenges and Possible Solutions
Ashli A. Owen-Smith, Michelle Panneton, Patricia Arean, Joaquin A. Anguera, Shelby Reetz, and Greg N. Clarke


Making Health Changes: Following Preventive Service Guidelines and Changing Behavior Among Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses
Scott P. Stumbo, Bobbi Jo Yarborough, Micah T. Yarborough, Nancy Perrin, and Carla A. Green


Provider Perspectives on Behavioral Health Care for Adolescents: Barriers and Suggestions for Improvement
Martina Li, Jinnan Li, Amy Meehan, Judith Chuang, Ellis C. Dillon, and Ming Tai-Seale


An Examination of Mentoring and Training in the Health Care Systems Research Network
Sharon L. Larson, Marc Williams, Ella Thompson, Amber Eruchalu, and Lela McFarland


A Clinical Decision Support System Promotes Shared Decision-Making and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Management
JoAnn M. Sperl-Hillen, A.L. Crain, Heidi L. Ekstrom, Karen L. Margolis, and Patrick J. O'Connor


Connecting Primary Care Patients to Community Resources: Lessons Learned From the Development of a New Lay Primary Care Team Role
Clarissa W. Hsu, Erin Hertel, June BlueSpruce, Tyler R. Ross, Allen Cheadle, Eric Johnson, Juno Matthys, Kelly Ehrlich, Katie Coleman, Janice Tufte, Michelle Robbins, and Paul Fishman


WIC Nutritionist Perspectives on Opportunities and Challenges Regarding Care Coordination With Primary Care Providers for Early Childhood Obesity Prevention
Lisa Bailey-Davis, Lindsey B. Hess, Michele Marini, Jacob Mowery, Shawnee Lutcher, and Jennifer S. Savage


Weight-Related Messages in Well-Child Visits: What Do Teens Desire?
Andrew S. Bossick, Gwen Alexander, Tanya Troy, Heather Olden, Charles Barone, and Andrea E. Cassidy-Bushrow


Formalizing and Optimizing Patient Engagement in a Large Health Care System
Janet L. Williams, Alanna Kulchak Rahm, and F. Daniel Davis


Transition to ICD-10 Diagnoses and Procedures in the HCSRN Virtual Data Warehouse
Don Bachman, Michael J. Allison, Alan E. Bauck, Catherine Cleveland, Phil Crawford, Suzanne Gillespie, Mary Ann McBurnie, Mark C. Hornbrook, Alexandra M. Varga, Xiahai Yang, and Roy Pardee


Mapping Medication Orders to RxNorm Concepts
Jenny Staab and Andy Karnopp


Using SmartTools to Capture Structured Data From Text: The LINCC Case Study
Tyler R. Ross, June BlueSpruce, Erin Hertel, Woody Favinger, and Clarissa Hu


A Novel Method for Estimating Transgender Status Using EMR Data
Douglas W. Roblin, Michael Goodman, Lee Cromwell, Laura Schild, Enid Hunkeler, Virginia Quinn, Brandi Robinson, Hayley Braun, Rebecca Nash, Josh Gerth, Joshua Barzilay, and Vin Tangpricha


VDW Data Sources: CHI Institute for Research and Innovation
Lela L. McFarland, John Weeks, Penne Perry, and Rebecca Towne


Identifying Race/Ethnicity Data via Natural Language Processing Among Women in a Uterine Fibroid Cohort Study
Jane R. Grafton, Onchee Yu, David Carrell, Susan Reed, Renate Shulze-Rath, Kelly Hansen, and Delia Scholes


The Learning Healthcare (Data) System: Virtual Data Warehouse Data Capture Revisited
Roy E. Pardee, Don Bachman, Mark C. Hornbrook, Catherine R. Cleveland, Priyam Mathur, Dan Ng, Susan M. Aumer, William H. Harding, Celia Jordan, Jeremy Meier, Carmen C. Wong, and Brian A. Hoch


Validation of the Automated Diagnosis, Intractability, Risk, Efficacy (DIRE) Opioid Risk Assessment Tool
Irina V. Haller, Colleen M. Renier, Paul Hitz, Jeanette A. Palcher, and Thomas E. Elliott


Automating Research Data Using Metadata-Driven Processes to Dynamically Create Loader Program
Shannon Leitch, Alan E. Bauck, Mike Allison, Catherine Cleveland, and Matt Hornbrook


Direction of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Progression
Era Kim, David S. Pieczkiewicz, Pedro J. Carballo, Regina Castro, and Gyorgy J. Simon