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HCSRN, health care research, integrated delivery, managed care programs, multicenter study


The Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN; formerly HMO Research Network) held its annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in April 2016. A consortium of research organizations affiliated with 20 large health care delivery systems, the HCSRN met for the 22nd consecutive year to report on scientific achievements, develop and share skills and best practices, and promote new research collaborations. The 2016 conference, with a theme of “Advancing Population Health: New Models and the Role of Research,” was co-hosted on behalf of HCSRN by Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation and Henry Ford Health System’s Public Health Sciences Department. The 350 conference attendees included member investigators, research staff, federal funders, other research sponsors and a variety of existing and prospective collaborative partners. Key sessions reflecting the theme included plenary panels with a research focus on patient-centered care and population health management, a full-day symposium on precision oncology and a half-day patient-engaged research training workshop.




June 21st, 2016


June 24th, 2016


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