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heart failure, problems, postdischarge, hospitalization, morbidity, mortality, symptoms


Purpose: Heart failure is a global health concern with high morbidity and mortality rates. Individuals with heart failure commonly experience problems that impact daily life. However, little is known regarding which problems are most significant during the immediate posthospitalization period. Thus, the purpose of this study was to identify high-priority problems experienced by individuals the first month after discharge from an acute care facility with a diagnosis of heart failure.

Methods: This descriptive, exploratory study was part of a 12-week randomized controlled pilot study that examined the efficacy of a coping partnership intervention (COPE-HF Partnership) between a trained research nurse and individuals with heart failure in managing self-care and depressive symptoms. Data from participants randomized to the intervention group (N = 19; 58% Caucasian, 58% male) were used in this study. Participants were provided a list of potential heart failure-related problems, from which they identified those of highest priority. Content and quantitative data analysis was conducted.

Results: Difficulty in managing heart failure symptoms, adhering to treatment plan, completing daily activities, and experiencing negative emotions and moods were the most common problems experienced by individuals with heart failure. Other less common problems for the group were inadequate resources and managing interpersonal issues.

Conclusion: Individuals with heart failure experience complex problems in the home that impact all aspects of their lives. Incorporating strategies to address these problems could assist in the development of interventions to reduce negative heart failure outcomes.




August 14th, 2017


September 22nd, 2017


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