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self-management support, practice-based research network, boot camp translation


Purpose: Patient self-management is an inevitable part of the work of being a patient, and self-management support (SMS) has become increasingly important in chronic disease management. However, the majority of SMS resources available in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality SMS Resource Library were developed without explicit collaboration between clinicians and patients.

Methods: Translation of SMS tools derived from the library into primary care practices occurred utilizing boot camp translation in four different practice-based research networks (PBRNs). The typical model of boot camp translation was adapted for the purpose of the Implementing Networks’ Self-management Tools Through Engaging Patients and Practices (INSTTEPP) study to develop SMS tools for implementation in the participating practices. Clinicians, clinic staff members, and patients were involved throughout the translation process. Existing resources from the SMS library were reviewed and adapted by each boot camp translation group to create tools unique to the patients in each network.

Results: There was no preexisting resource within the library that was deemed suitable for implementation without modification. Each network adapted tools from the SMS library to create different products. Common themes emerged from each network’s translation process that highlighted the importance of patient engagement in the translation process. Boot camp translation, in conjunction with PBRNs, can be implemented to adapt SMS tools for implementation in member practices.

Conclusions: Boot camp translation with a combination of practices and patients can be implemented to facilitate a process of local adaptation that improves the local applicability of SMS tools in primary care clinics.




April 16th, 2018


August 17th, 2018


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