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self-management support, practice-based research networks, primary care, boot camp translation


Purpose: Boot camp translation is a proven process to engage community members and health professionals in translating and disseminating evidence-based “best practices” models for health prevention and chronic illness care. Primary care practice improvement studies, particularly involving patient-driven change, as seen with self-management support (SMS), require engaged practice teams that include patients. Models of engagement such as boot camp translation may be effective.

Methods: Four geographically dispersed practice-based research networks (PBRNs) from the Meta-LARC consortium engaged 16 practices to form SMS implementation teams involving a clinician, care manager, and 2 patients in each team. Our study adapted the boot camp translation model to engage the implementation teams in describing patient SMS, studying the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s SMS Resource Library, and adapting and implementing self-management tools at each practice site. Testimonials and quotes were collected across the 4 PBRNs through a facilitated brainstorming discussion and consensus model at each PBRN kickoff meeting to address the focused question, “What do patients want and need in order to self-manage their chronic illnesses?”

Results: Testimonials collected across the 4 PBRNs and participation levels indicated there was a high degree of engagement in the boot camp translation process across the PBRNs and the practices. Each PBRN developed themes expressed by patients and the practices regarding what patients want and need to self-manage their illnesses. Each practice selected, adapted, and implemented an SMS tool.

Conclusions: Results suggest that adapted boot camp translation was effective in guiding multiple practices to implement self-management support tools for the INSTTEPP trial. Additional study of the adapted boot camp translation process in practice quality improvement and practice redesign studies is needed.




April 16th, 2018


August 17th, 2018


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