Volume 6, Issue 1 (2019)

From the Editor

Original Research


Development of the Resident Wellness Scale for Measuring Resident Wellness
R. Brent Stansfield, Dan Giang, and Tsveti Markova


Patient Perceptions of Planned Organ Removal During Hysterectomy
Zeinab Kassem, Chad M. Coleman, Andrew S. Bossick, Wan-Ting Su, Roopina Sangha, and Ganesa Wegienka



Coordinating an Oncology Precision Medicine Clinic Within an Integrated Health System: Lessons Learned in Year One
Michael A. Thompson, Jennifer J. Godden, Deborah Wham, Antony Ruggeri, Michael P. Mullane, Amanda Wilson, Shamsuddin Virani, Scott M. Weissman, Brenda Ramczyk, Pamela Vanderwall, and James L. Weese

Topic Synopsis