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oncology, precision medicine, integrated health system, community, genomics


Precision medicine is a term describing strategies to promote health and prevent and treat disease based on an individual’s genetic, molecular, and lifestyle characteristics. Oncology precision medicine (OPM) is a cancer treatment approach targeting cancer-specific genetic and molecular alterations. Implementation of an OPM clinical program optimally involves the support and collaboration of multiple departments, including administration, medical oncology, pathology, interventional radiology, genetics, research, and informatics. In this review, we briefly introduce the published evidence regarding OPM’s potential effect on patient outcomes and discuss what we have learned over the first year of operating an OPM program within an integrated health care system (Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI) comprised of multiple hospitals and clinics. We also report our experience implementing a specific OPM software platform used to embed molecular panel data into patients’ electronic medical records.




May 23rd, 2018


September 5th, 2018


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