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pregnancy, first stage labor; dance; feasibility study


Recent social media trends have demonstrated increased interest in dancing during the final weeks of pregnancy and labor. However, there is limited evidence about dancing during labor and its impact on labor pain and duration as well as patient satisfaction. Before conducting a prospective study, given that enrollment is often challenging, our feasibility study aimed to assess the willingness of pregnant women to participate in a future study evaluating low-impact dance during labor. We anonymously surveyed a convenience sample of English-speaking/reading pregnant women who presented for prenatal care at 1 of 3 clinics from June 2019 to July 2019. Questions related to women’s interest in dancing during labor and limited demographic information were collected and analyzed. Overall, 88.6% of pregnant women who completed the survey expressed interest in participating in a future study on low-impact dance during labor, with Caucasian patients and those ≥35 years of age being less interested in future participation (P < 0.05 for both). Interest in participating was not influenced by any other demographic characteristic, pregnancy history, or current activity level. Given sufficient interest among pregnant women in participating in a study aimed at evaluating the potential benefits of low-impact dance during labor, enrollment numbers may be easier to achieve than previously expected.




January 13th, 2020


April 13th, 2020


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