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pediatrics, well-child visit, patient-centered, health-related quality of life, provider intervention


Purpose: Patient-centered care promotes positive health outcomes in pediatrics. We created a provider-focused intervention and implemented it in a pragmatic clustered randomized controlled trial to improve health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among pediatric patients.

Methods: A one-time (1–1.5-hour) webinar focusing on patient-centered care and motivational interviewing, using obesity screening as an example, was developed. Pediatric providers were recruited and randomized to either intervention (webinar) or control (usual care) arms. All well-child visits to these providers for a period of up to 5 months following webinar completion (or study enrollment for controls) were identified, and these family/patients were invited to complete a survey to assess HRQOL postvisit. Reported outcomes were compared between intervention and control participants using clustered t-tests, chi-squared tests and multiple linear regression models.

Results: We recruited 20 providers (10 intervention, 10 control) to the study; 469 parents/guardians and 235 eligible children seeing these providers completed the postvisit survey. Parents/guardians of 8–12-year-old children in the intervention group reported higher school functioning compared to controls (83.5 vs 75.8; P = 0.023). There were no other differences in children’s HRQOL between intervention and control groups.

Conclusions: A one-time, web-based provider intervention is feasible to implement in pediatrics. Modest evidence, requiring further study, indicates that instructing providers on patient-centered care in the well-child visit may improve aspects of pediatric HRQOL (ie, school functioning) compared to usual care. However, this was a brief intervention, with multiple outcomes tested and no evaluation of pre- and postintervention provider knowledge, thus additional study is needed.




May 11th, 2020


July 28th, 2020


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