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stakeholder engagement, Patient Engagement in Research Scale, PEIRS, participatory research, Down syndrome, intellectual disability


There is growing recognition of the importance of engaging patients early in the design of research studies. For studies involving patients with intellectual and cognitive disabilities, researchers may consider engaging with family caregivers, health professionals, community advocates, and/or subject matter experts to provide a more multifaceted, surrogate perspective. Evaluating the engagement of these stakeholder groups in research is nascent, and tools are limited. Research studies involving these individuals provide the opportunity to test new methods of measurement of stakeholder engagement in research. We conducted a 3-year research study implementing and evaluating Down Syndrome Clinic to You, an online platform for caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome who do not have access to Down syndrome specialists. We established 3 key stakeholder groups — family caregivers, primary care physicians, and medical/scientific experts in the field — who were involved from grant-writing through preparation of the final report. To assess stakeholder engagement, we utilized the Patient Engagement in Research Scale, a validated instrument originally developed to evaluate patient engagement in arthritis research. Overall, results were suggestive of strong engagement levels by the key stakeholder groups. This study contributes to the limited available literature evaluating measures of stakeholder engagement in research.




May 20th, 2020


September 2nd, 2020


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