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perioperative updates, perioperative communication, surgery, family-centered care, patient satisfaction


Purpose: This study aimed to determine if standardized updates at specific perioperative events affect anxiety and satisfaction of the family members and if the length of surgical procedure affects the satisfaction with updates.

Methods: This study was a randomized control trial. In the control group, surgeons communicated with the family only once near the completion of the procedure. In the intervention group, families received electronic updates at 3 significant perioperative events during the procedure. A postoperative survey rating family member satisfaction and anxiety levels, using a Likert scale of 0–5, was administered.

Results: Mean level of overall satisfaction did not differ between groups (intervention: 4.68 ± 0.69 [95% CI: 4.50, 4.87]; control: 4.61 ± 0.78 [95% CI: 4.40, 4.82]; P = 0.69). Mean anxiety levels were lower in the intervention group (2.48 ± 1.43 [2.10, 2.86]) than in the control group (3.12 ± 1.32 [2.77, 3.47]; P = 0.01). Mean satisfaction with perioperative updates was higher in the intervention (4.48 ± 0.83 [4.26, 4.70]) versus control group (3.16 ± 1.89 [2.67, 3.65]; P = 0.0001). For all subjects, there was positive correlation between procedure time and anxiety (Spearman’s rho: 0.34; P = 0.0002) and negative correlation between procedure time and overall satisfaction (Spearman’s rho: -0.23; P = 0.01).

Conclusions: Anxiety and satisfaction with perioperative updates were significantly improved by additional perioperative updates. These findings indicate that updating families during significant standardized strategic perioperative events can reduce the anxiety of loved ones and are preferred by most families.

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September 13th, 2020


December 16th, 2020


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