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Chinese Americans, cardiovascular health, integrative medicine, nutrition counseling, primary care, culturally tailored education


Purpose: Current biomedical cardiovascular disease nutrition counseling does not incorporate Chinese medicine principles.

Methods: A heart-healthy integrative nutritional counseling (H2INC) curriculum consistent with Chinese medicine principles and biomedical nutrition guidelines was taught to Chinese Americans in group education sessions. Chinese-speaking patients with cardiovascular disease or risk factors from an urban general medicine practice were recruited to attend a 90-minute group session. Participants completed pre-post surveys to assess the impact of H2INC on their perceived heart-healthy nutrition knowledge and empowerment, as well as the cultural relevance of H2INC.

Results: A total of 47 participants (mean age: 74 years; 63.8% female) attended a session. In response to the statement “I am able to choose heart-healthy Chinese foods to eat,” on a 5-point Likert scale for which “strongly disagree” = 1 and “strongly agree” = 5, the presession survey mean response was 3.87 ± 0.69 and the postsession survey mean response was 4.13 ± 0.58 (P = 0.05). Postsession, 87% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that they felt confident using what they learned and 94% agreed or strongly agreed that H2INC fit their culture.

Conclusions: H2INC had a positive impact on perceived heart-healthy nutrition knowledge and empowerment and rated high in cultural relevance. Culturally relevant education sessions like H2INC could be a promising primary care health education intervention.




June 23rd, 2020


October 16th, 2020


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