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Poster presented at: AIAMC Annual Meeting; March 28, 2019; Tucson, AZ.



GME Programs at independent academic medical centers produce a broad array of scholarly activities consistent with Ernest Boyer’s categories of discovery, integration, application and teaching.[i] These activities reflect a scholarly approach[ii] to those curiosities and activities that occur in our medical centers and are now incorporated in the ACGME’s common program requirements effective July 2019. These new metrics include the traditional PMID publications and grants and now can include posters, workshops, QI presentations, non-peer-reviewed print/electronic resources, and contributions to professional committees and/or educational organizations. Yet residency applicants may worry that our programs do not engage in scholarly activities! Maintaining accurate, up-to-date lists of recent scholarly activity on residency websites can be time consuming and when out of date confirm applicants’ perceptions regarding our scholarly activity.

Hypothesis/Aim Statement

To utilize a dynamic, cloud-based technology publishing tool, linked to residency program websites, to showcase residency programs’ scholarly activity.


Librarians are now the information science experts! Our medical librarians use technology to “quickly conduct research, analyze data, tackle problems, and develop new solutions,”[iii] so we engaged them to help us solve this challenge. We outlined our criteria which included the need: (1) to create scholarly profiles to showcase our traditional and expanded forms of scholarly activities; (2) have flexibility in profiles allowing ones individuals (e.g., faculty with significant activity) or groups (e.g., residents, faculty); (3) link to residency program websites; and (4) export results to facilitate data entry into the ACGME’s accreditation data system (ADS). The librarians identified a dynamic cloud-based application they were already using that appeared to meet our needs.[iv] We piloted the application, beginning with one residency program to determine feasibility and then gradually expanding to our other programs.


The Family Medicine Residency Program pilot resulted in the creation of individual faculty profiles hyperlinked to on the program’s website faculty listing and a single profile to showcase their residents’ scholarly activity. Profiles were then created for Ob/Gyn individual faculty and resident scholarship and the other programs. As other GME programs were rolled out, each program director had the option to create individual faculty profiles or a single faculty group profile. To date, 14 GME related group profiles have been created and >75 faculty profiles. Program directors report that applicants now reference faculty/resident scholarship and specific profiles in during their interviews.


Partnering with your librarian to showcase your GME faculty and program scholarship can be a win-win. It brings visibility to your individual faculty, your program, and to your organization. Additional features of the cloud application are being piloted (e.g., faculty development resources) and explored (e.g., world map highlighting downloads) to highlight our GME scholarly activity.

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