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Works from 2019


Improving discharge planning: implementation of an NICU discharge road map, Kaitlyn Schmitt and Megan McCarthy (Poster)

Works from 2017

Caffeine ameliorates hyperoxia-induced lung injury by protecting GCH1 function in neonatal rat pups, Xigang Jing, Yi-Wen Huang, Jason Jarzembowski, Yang Shi, Girija G Konduri, and Ru-Jeng Teng (Article)

Works from 2016


Histopathologic chorioamnionitis: geodemographic and clinical predictors, Jessica J. F. Kram and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Poster)

Works from 2015


Geographic Distribution of Infant Death During Birth Hospitalization and Maternal Group B Streptococcus Colonization: Eastern Wisconsin, Jessica J.F. Kram, Dennis J. Baumgardner, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Melissa A. Lemke (Supplement)

Internet searching after parents receive abnormal newborn screening results, Rachel P. Patterson, Sara J. Roedl, and Michael H. Farrell (Article)

Works from 2014

Maternal Group B Streptococcus colonization and neonatal morbidity in premature preterm rupture of membranes, D M. Hirsch, Diwata Bose, Dennis J. Baumgardner, and Jeffery S. Garland (Abstract)