Interdisciplinary geriatric difficult case conference: innovative education across the continuum


Aurora Health Care


Background: There is a nationwide shortage of geriatric prepared providers. Caring for complex older adults is challenging.

Objective: To develop an efficient and affordable way to educate members of the interdisciplinary team involved in the care of geriatric patients.

Methods: A team from 3 area health systems developed a plan to present monthly case studies via teleconference. Cases are presented by a direct caregiver using the Wisconsin Star Method to facilitate analysis of the case. A geriatric expert and another member of the team presents teaching points, and questions are elicited and discussed.

Results: The team has completed 18 consecutive monthly teleconferences. Participant satisfaction has been favorable. Participation on the call has increased approximately 300% since the initiation of the program.

Conclusion: The case teleconference provides an accessible and affordable educational forum that provides learners an opportunity to improve their knowledge in care of older adults.

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