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Works from 2021


Are we putting ourselves in danger? Occupational hazards and job safety for orthopaedic surgeons, Robert C Ryu, Phillip H Behrens, Azeem T Malik, Jonathan D. Lester, and Christopher S Ahmad (Article)


Can a simple discharge checklist increase pre-11am discharges on a surgical orthopedic unit?, Michelle Bassett and Matthew Rathbun (Poster)


Complication rates following total ankle arthroplasty in inpatient versus outpatient populations: a systematic review & meta-analysis, Rachel H Albright, Ryan J Rodela, Panah Nabili, Chris E Gentchos, and N Jake Summers (Article)

Works from 2020


Advancing patient age is associated with worse outcomes in low- and intermediate-grade primary chondrosarcoma of the pelvis, Matthew T Houdek, Brent G. Witten, Mario Hevesi, Anthony M Griffin, Ahmet Salduz, Doris E Wenger, Franklin H Sim, Peter C Ferguson, Peter S Rose, and Jay S Wunder (Article)


Do antibiotic beads need to be removed?, Navin Fernando, Shawn Werner, Moamen Elhaddad, Jonah Davies, and Reza Firoozabadi (Article)


Multiple ipsilateral femoral stress fractures in a patient taking denosumab for osteoporosis-a case report, H I Piponov, J M Goldstein, and G M Eisenberg (Article)


Platelet-rich plasma injection for rotator cuff disease, Jeremy Loescher, Richard Guthmann, and Beth Auten (Article)


Portable compression devices in total joint arthroplasty: poor outpatient compliance, Matthew J Dietz, Justin J Ray, Brent G. Witten, Benjamin M Frye, Adam E Klein, and Brock A Lindsey (Article)


Pulmonary complications after hip and knee arthroplasty in the united states, 2004-2014, Tennison L Malcolm, Nebojsa Nick Knezevic, Carole C Zouki, and Antony R Tharian (Article)


Risk factors for failure in hammertoe surgery, Rachel Albright, Moiz Hassan, Jacob Randich, Robert O'Keefe, Erin E Klein, Lowell Weil, Lowell Weil, and Adam E Fleischer (Article)


Short-term outcomes with the REDAPT monolithic, tapered, fluted, grit-blasted, forged titanium revision femoral stem, Jonathan A Gabor, Jorge A Padilla, James E Feng, Erik Schnaser, William B. Lutes, Kwan J Park, Stephen Incavo, Jonathan Vigdorchik, and Ran Schwarzkopf (Article)


Simplified arthroscopic lavage of pediatric septic hip: case series, Rohit Garg, James Ho, and Prasad V Gourineni (Article)


The Actis and Corail femoral stems provide for similar clinical and radiographic outcomes in total hip arthroplasty, Stephanie V Kaszuba, Nancy Cipparrone, and Alexander C Gordon (Article)

Works from 2019


Ankle stabilization with arthroscopic versus open with suture tape augmentation techniques, J G. DeVries, Brandon M Scharer, and Taylor A. Romdenne (Article)


Implementing principles of enhanced recovery for surgical spine patients--a two-year journey, Margaret Kearney, Mickey Nottoli, and Tracy Wallace (Poster)

Long-term prospective clinical and radiographic outcomes after minimally invasive lateral transiliac sacroiliac joint fusion using triangular titanium implants, Peter G Whang, Emily Darr, S Craig Meyer, Don Kovalsky, Clay Frank, Harry Lockstadt, Robert Limoni, Andy J Redmond, Philip Ploska, Michael Oh, Abhineet Chowdhary, Daniel Cher, and Travis Hillen (Article)


One and two-year clinical outcomes for a polyethylene glenoid with a fluted peg: one thousand two hundred seventy individual patients from eleven centers, Frederick A Matsen, Joseph P Iannotti, R Sean Churchill, Lieven De Wilde, T Bradley Edwards, Matthew C Evans, Edward V Fehringer, Gordon I Groh, James D Kelly, Christopher M Kilian, Giovanni Merolla, Tom R Norris, Giuseppe Porcellini, Edwin E Spencer, Anne Vidil, Michael A Wirth, Stacy M Russ, Moni Neradilek, and Jeremy S Somerson (Article)


Using CMET to reduce patients' risk of falling, Theresa Tice and Nicole Hodkiewicz (Poster)

Works from 2018


Comparison and use of allograft bone morphogenetic protein versus other materials in ankle and hindfoot fusions, J G. DeVries and Brandon Scharer (Article)


Long-term prospective outcomes after minimally invasive trans-iliac sacroiliac joint fusion using triangular titanium implants, Emily Darr, S Craig Meyer, Peter G Whang, Don Kovalsky, Clay Frank, Harry Lockstadt, Robert Limoni, Andy Redmond, Philip Ploska, Michael Y Oh, Daniel Cher, and Abhineet Chowdhary (Article)

Works from 2017


A clinical study of the modified thread carpal tunnel release, Danqing Guo, Danzhu Guo, Joseph Guo, Steven C. Schmidt, and Rachel M Lytie (Article)

Drastic weight reduction decrease in epidural fat and concomitant improvement of neurogenic claudicatory symptoms of spinal epidural lipomatosisr, Kelly Kniprath and Mustafa Farooque (Letter)


Effects of Revision Surgery on Grade of Adverse Local Tissue Reaction Following Recall of a Modular Hip Implant, Joseph F. Davies, Danielle M. Greer, and Susan Truchan (Supplement)


Effects of revision surgery on grade of adverse local tissue reaction following recall of a modular hip implant, Joseph Davies, Danielle M. Greer, and Susan L. Truchan (Article)


Factors in Patient Responsiveness to Directional Preference-Matched Treatment of Neck Pain With or Without Upper Extremity Radiation, Benjamin Holmes, Ruta Brazauskas, Laura D. Cassidy, and Rachel A. Wiegand (Original Research)

Perioperative complications and initial alignment of lateral approach total ankle arthroplasty, Jason G. DeVries, Todd A Derksen, Brandon M Scharer, and Robert Limoni (Article)

Works from 2016

Clinical and radiographic outcomes of the simpliciti canal-sparing shoulder arthroplasty system: a prospective two-year multicenter study, R Sean Churchill, Christopher Chuinard, J Michael Wiater, Richard Friedman, Michael Freehill, Scott Jacobson, Edwin Spencer, G Brian Holloway, Jocelyn Wittstein, Tally Lassiter, Matthew Smith, Theodore Blaine, and Gregory P Nicholson (Article)

Comparing ε-Aminocaproic Acid and Tranexamic Acid in Reducing Postoperative Transfusions in Total Knee Arthroplasty, Jessica L Churchill, Kathleen E Puca, Elizabeth Meyer, Matthew Carleton, and Michael J. Anderson (Article)

Comparison of ε-aminocaproic acid and tranexamic acid in reducing post-operative transfusions in total hip arthroplasty, Jessica L. Churchill, Kathleen E. Puca, Elizabeth S. Meyer, Matthew C. Carleton, Susan L. Truchan, and Michael J. Anderson (Abstract)

Effectiveness of Bilateral Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections in Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Patients With Neurogenic Claudication: A Case Series., Mustafa Farooque, Michele M Salzman, and Zhan Ye (Article)

Metastatic bone disease: femur—tibia, Nicholas Webber (Book Chapter)

Return to sports activity following UKA and TKA, Jason C Ho, Russell N Stitzlein, Charles J Green, Travis Stoner, and Mark I Froimson (Article)

Stemless shoulder arthroplasty-current results and designs, R Sean Churchill and George S Athwal (Article)

The use of allograft bone morphogenetic protein in foot and ankle arthrodesis, J George DeVries and Brandon Scharer (Article)

Thoracolumbar syndrome, James Rydlewicz and Dean J. Mikami (Book Chapter)

Two-year outcomes from a randomized controlled trial of minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion vs. non-surgical management for sacroiliac joint dysfunction, David W Polly, John Swofford, Peter G Whang, Clay J Frank, John A Glaser, Robert P. Limoni, Daniel J Cher, Kathryn D Wine, and Jonathan N Sembrano (Article)

Using aminocaproic acid to reduce blood loss after primary unilateral total knee arthroplasty, Jessica L Churchill, Victor A Toney, Susan Truchan, and Michael J. Anderson (Article)

Works from 2015

Quantification of B2 glenoid morphology in total shoulder arthroplasty, R Sean Churchill, Edwin E Spencer, and Edward V Fehringer (Article)

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Using Triangular Titanium Implants vs. Non-Surgical Management: Six-Month Outcomes from a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial, Peter Whang, Daniel Cher, David Polly, Clay Frank, Harry Lockstadt, John Glaser, Robert Limoni, and Jonathan Sembrano (Article)

Works from 2014

Fenestrated Screws Augmented with PMMA Increase the Pull-out Strength of Sacral Pedicle Screws, Matthew Colmana, Jonathan Pond, Kent Bachusc, Brandon D Lawrenced, William R Spikere, and Darrel S Brodkef (Article)

Stemless shoulder arthroplasty: current status, R Sean Churchill (Article)

Surgical technique for the repair of tears to the gluteus medius and minimus tendons of the hip, Joseph Davies and Dana M. Davies (Article)

Technique tip: avoiding wound complications after a large opening wedge osteotomy of the distal tibia using a soft-tissue expander, Kurt Frederick Konkel and Christopher J Hussussian (Article)

The effect of using guided mental imagery for patients receiving knee or hip replacement, Maharaj Singh, Laura Kohler, and Joseph Davies (Abstract)

The use of guided mental imagery for patients receiving knee or hip replacement surgery, Maharaj Singh, Laura Kohler, Joseph Davies, and Kristen Reynolds (Abstract)