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Works from 2020


39: Adoption of Macy Catheter by Aurora at Home hospice staff: A quality improvement evaluation study, Patrick Herson, Kavita Sharma, Kristi Barfield, and Nora Clapsaddle (Poster)

Works from 2019


Discussing what matters most: designing a medical student curriculum for end of life care, Natanya S. Russek, Karrie Lu, Kjersti Knox, and Timothy Jessick (Abstract)


Goals of care conversations: an evaluation, Elizabeth Duthie, Colleen M. Galambos, Theresa Frederick, Jacob Verkuilen, and Timothy Jessick (Abstract)

Works from 2016

Improving patient-centered care, Timothy Jessick and David Weissman (Article)


Palliative care, Martin O. Bazelak (Book Chapter)

Works from 2015

Improving generalist palliative care for hospitalized seriously ill patients, David Weissman, Timothy Jessick, Andrew McDonagh, and Suzie Feuling (Book)