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Works from 2020


Reducing Hospitalizations and Costs: A Home Health Nutrition-Focused Quality Improvement Program, Katie Riley, Suela Sulo, Firas Dabbous, et al. (Article)

Works from 2016


Identifying Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Milwaukee-Based Academic and Nonacademic Clinics, Jasmine Wiley, Jonathan J. Blaza, Will Lehmann, Deborah Simpson, Jeffrey A. Stearns, Shelby L. Pischke, and Tracy L. Greiten (Supplement)

Obese employee participation patterns in a wellness program, Jennifer T. Fink, David R. Smith, Maharaj Singh, et al. (Article)

Weight loss associated with employee income in an incentivized employee wellness program, Jennifer T. Fink, Jennifer Rich, David R. Smith, et al. (Article)

Well to do: a guide to take charge, set goals and improve your health, Nicole Eull (Book)

Works from 2015


The Clinical Breast Examination: A Useful Screening Tool?, Jennifer Lo (Review)


What Are the Recommended Timing and Screening Modalities for Women at Higher Risk of Developing Breast Cancer? A Clin-IQ, Summer Jatala, Shawn Fitzgerald, Pamela Tietze, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrisnan, Laine H. McCarthy, and Elizabeth Wickersham (Topic Synopsis)

Works from 2014


Discordant Documentation of Obesity Body Mass Index and Obesity Diagnosis in Electronic Medical Records, Jennifer T. Fink, George L. Morris III, Maharaj Singh, David A. Nelson, Renee E. Walker, and Ron A. Cisler (Original Research)

Obese patients’ compliance and satisfaction with educational intervention: O.N.E. packet, Risa Siegel, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Abstract)

Obesity remains underdiagnosed: discordant documentation of obesity body mass index and obesity diagnosis in patients' electronic medical record, Jennifer Fink, George L. Morris III, Maharaj Singh, et al. (Abstract)

Wisconsin physician survey on diagnosis and treatment of obesity, George L. Morris III, Kayla Chapman, David Nelson, et al. (Abstract)