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Works from 2022


Exercise induced laryngeal obstruction-cardiopulmonary exercise testing: 775, Dorina Feher (Abstract)


Exertional chest pain in a triathlete: 1329, Kathryn Johns (Abstract)


Hip Flexibility and Pitching Biomechanics in Adolescent Baseball Pitchers., Maxwell L Albiero, Wesley Kokott, Cody Dziuk, et al. (Article)


Left Lower Extremity Pain- Musician (cellist): 2661, Ashkan Salamatipour (Abstract)

Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, Kathryn Johns and Melissa M. Tavarez (Book Chapter)


Sudden Death in Athletes, Khashayar Farzam, Venkat Rajasurya, and Thaer Ahmad (Book Chapter)


That's definitely a funny bone!: 2659, Jeremy Loescher and Sara Brown (Abstract)


Utility of the W´BAL model in training program design for masters cyclists, Miguel Ángel Galán-Rioja, Fernando González-Mohíno, Philip Friere Skiba, et al. (Article)

Works from 2014

Young athlete with bilateral exertional calf pain, S Dunbar and J Englund (Abstract)

Works from 2012

Cardiac evaluation of collegiate student athletes: a medical and legal perspective, Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D., M Fuad Jan, Zachary R. Paterick, et al. (Article)

March Madness 2011: for whom the bell tolls?, Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D., M Fuad Jan, James M. Seward, et al. (Article)

Works from 2006

Injuries from ultimate frisbee, Kristen H. Reynolds and Sarah E Halsmer (Article)