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Works from 2021


Impact of the peripartum period on the longitudinal course of obsessive-compulsive disorder, Aparna Chatterjee, Katelyn Zumpf, Jennifer Sprague, Jody Ciolino, Katherine L Wisner, Crystal Clark, Maria C Mancebo, Jane L Eisen, Steven A Rasmussen, and Christina L Boisseau (Article)


Jurors' gender and their fear of false child sexual abuse accusations are related to their belief in child victims' allegations, Tayler M Jones, Bette L Bottoms, Kajal Sachdev, Jonathan Aniciete, and Karis Gorak (Article)


Long-term effectiveness of antipsychotics, Martin Harrow, Thomas H Jobe, and Liping Tong (Article)


Low-dose clonidine in veterans with Posttraumatic stress disorder, Gregory A. Burek, Mindy R. Waite, Kayla Heslin, Amanda K Liewen, Tareq M Yaqub, and Sadie E Larsen (Article)


Lower levels of classroom aggression predict stronger relations between peer victimization and reactive versus proactive aggression, Michael T Morrow, Julie A Hubbard, Megan K Bookhout, Marissa A Docimo, Lauren E Swift, Stevie N Grassetti, and Katherine L Cabanas (Article)


The successful use of left-sided stellate ganglion block in patients that fail to respond to right-sided stellate ganglion block for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms: A retrospective analysis of 205 patients, Eugene Lipov and Kenneth Candido (Article)


Treatment Outcomes and Program Transition Rates Across Substance Use Treatment Programs, Mindy Waite, Kayla Heslin, Jonathan A. Cook, and Michelle Simpson (Poster)


Using three reporters to identify pre-adolescent peer victims through latent profile analysis, Zachary M Meehan, Julie A Hubbard, Stevie N Grassetti, Marissa A Docimo, Lauren E Swift, and Megan K Bookhout (Article)

Works from 2020


Addiction management in hospitalized patients with intravenous drug use-associated infective endocarditis, Vani Ray, Mindy Waite, Frank C. Spexarth, Sandra Korman, Susan Berget, Soumya Kodali, David C. Kress, Neil Guenther, and Vishnubhakta S Murthy (Article)


A lifespan model of interference resolution and inhibitory control: Risk for depression and changes with illness progression, Katie L Bessette, Aimee J Karstens, Natania A Crane, Amy T Peters, Jonathan P Stange, Kathleen H. Elverman, Sarah Shizuko Morimoto, Sara L Weisenbach, and Scott A Langenecker (Article)


A substance use disorder service-learning immersion experience for prelicensure nursing students, Helen Baker, Kate Pfeiffer, Matilda Field, Sarah Nasatir-Hilty, Jasmine Doiev, Bonny Jean Worland, Morgan Clark-Youngblood, Kereisha Harrell, and Annie Mascorro (Article)


Faculty scholarly activity and psychiatry grand rounds: The need for a meeting of the minds, Marla Hartzen (Poster)


Neuroticism in temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with altered limbic-frontal lobe resting-state functional connectivity, Charlene N Rivera Bonet, Gyujoon Hwang, Bruce Hermann, Aaron F Struck, Cole J Cook, Veena A Nair, Jedidiah Mathis, Linda Allen, Dace N Almane, Karina Arkush, Rasmus Birn, Lisa L Conant, Edgar A DeYoe, Elizabeth Felton, Rama Maganti, Andrew Nencka, Manoj Raghavan, Umang Shah, Veronica N. Sosa, Candida Ustine, Vivek Prabhakaran, Jeffrey R Binder, and Mary E Meyerand (Article)


Retrospective Study of Midazolam Protocol for Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies, Ryan M Huebinger, Hashim Q Zaidi, Katie L Tataris, Joseph M Weber, Kenneth S Pearlman, Eddie Markul, Leslee Stein-Spencer, and Christopher T Richards (Article)


Substance use disorder treatment outcomes and transitions at a large midwestern healthcare system, Mindy Waite, Kayla Heslin, Jonathan A. Cook, Elizabeth Wanninger, Michelle R. Simpson, and Andrew Freeman (Article)

Works from 2018


Assessment of depression in epilepsy: the utility of common and disease-specific self-report depression measures, Lauren B Strober, Jessica S. Chapin, Angela Spirou, George Tesar, Adele Viguera, Imad Najm, and Robyn M Busch (Article)


Integrated treatment of substance use disorders and trauma experiences: The Women of Worth (WOW) program, Melissa A. Lemke and Lisa Berger (Abstract)

Works from 2016

How does active substance use at psychiatric admission impact suicide risk and hospital length-of-stay?, Keith A Miller, Mario J Hitschfeld, Timothy W Lineberry, and Brian A Palmer (Article)

Time to Remission for Depression with Collaborative Care Management (CCM) in Primary Care, Gregory M Garrison, Kurt B Angstman, Stephen S O'Connor, Mark D Williams, and Timothy W. Lineberry (Article)

Works from 2015


Disease-Management in Family Medicine Clinics Through the Addition of a Health Coach: A Pilot Study, Crystal Y. Cichon, Jessica J.F. Kram, Tiffany A. Mullen, Pamela Voelkers, Kristin J. Magliocco, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Supplement)


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Transcendental Meditation: Current State of Research, Adam Holt (Review)

Preclinical perspectives on posttraumatic stress disorder criteria in DSM-5, Susannah Tye, Elizabeth Van Voorhees, Chunling Hu, and Timothy Lineberry (Article)

Works from 2014

A decade of early intervention for psychiatric patients in hospital emergency departments by a behavioral health intake team, Vani Ray, Joy Mead-Meucci, Mary Pelner, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

Biobehavioral measures as outcomes: a cautionary tale, Christine R Kovach, Diana Lynn Woods, Elizabeth C Devine, Brent R Logan, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Intensive counseling and behavioral interventions for weight loss in primary care, Paula K. Carlton and Jennifer Hartlaub (Abstract)

Personal attitudes, perceived social norms, and health-risk behavior among female adolescents with chronic medical conditions, Jennifer H Kunz, Rachel N Greenley, Kathleen A Mussatto, Betsy Roth-Wojcicki, Tami Miller, Mary E Freeman, and Sarah Lerand (Article)

Works from 2012

Establishing a treatment plan for an elder with a complex and incomplete medical history and multiple medical providers, diagnoses, and medications, Vivyenne ML Roche, Hope Torregosa, Timothy Howell, and Michael L. Malone (Article)

Predictors of nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatments stopped and started among nursing home residents with dementia, Michelle R. Simpson, Christine R Kovach, and Frank Stetzer (Article)

Works from 2011

From Cuba to Milwaukee: community-oriented health care, Carlos M. Estrada (Article)

Moving a noncompliant patient to long-term care against her wishes, Michael L. Malone, Timothy Howell, Syed Wasif Hussain, and Vivyenne ML Roche (Article)

Optimal management of an older patient with multiple comorbidities and a complex psychosocial history, Vivyenne ML Roche, Jennifer Arnouville, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, Joseph Goveas, Timothy Howell, and Michael L. Malone (Article)

What Is Esoteric Healing?, Lori Settersten (Article)

Works from 2009

Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy, Christine VanMullem and Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2006

Behaviors of nursing home residents with dementia: examining nurse responses, Christine R Kovach, Sheryl T Kelber, Michelle R. Simpson, and Thelma Wells (Article)

Effects of the Serial Trial Intervention on discomfort and behavior of nursing home residents with dementia, Christine R Kovach, Brent R Logan, Patricia E Noonan, Andrea Matovina Schlidt, Jessica Smerz, Michelle R. Simpson, and Michelle Simpson (Article)

Works from 1993

Aggressive behaviors among the institutionalized elderly, Michael L. Malone, L Thompson, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Works from 1992

The epidemiology of physical assaults by the institutionalized elderly, Michael L. Malone, L Thompson, and James S. Goodwin (Abstract)