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Works from 2020


A continual prediction model for inpatient acute kidney injury, Rohit J Kate, Noah C. Pearce, Debesh Mazumdar, and Vani Nilakantan (Article)


A refined methodology for validation of information models derived from flowsheet data and applied to a genitourinary case, Bonnie L Westra, Kay S Lytle, Luann Whittenburg, Mischa Adams, Samira Ali, Meg Furukawa, Stephanie Hartleben, Mary L. Hook, Steve Johnson, Sarah Collins Rossetti, and Tess Theresa Settergren (Article)


Creating an affordable, user-friendly electronic inventory system for lab samples, Kate Dennert, Logan Friedrich, and Rajeev Kumar (Article)


Positive and negative impact of social media in the COVID-19 era, A Verner Venegas-Vera, Gates B Colbert, and Edgar V. Lerma (Article)


The application of unsupervised deep learning in predictive models using electronic health records, Lei Wang, Liping Tong, Darcy Davis, Tim Arnold, and Tina Esposito (Article)

Works from 2019


A library-bariatric surgery collaboration to provide reliable consumer health information, Kathy Koch (Poster)


Assessment of citations of the retracted article by Wakefield et al with fraudulent claims of an association between vaccination and autism, Elizabeth M. Suelzer, Jennifer Deal, Karen L. Hanus, Barbara Ruggeri, Rita Sieracki, and Elizabeth Witkowski (Article)


Care and feeding of health sciences institutional repositories: funding and administration models, Brenda Fay, Jennifer Deal, and Annie Lipski (Poster)


Finding the evidence to support a nursing evidence-based project, Brenda Fay, Kathy Koch, and Rita Mitchell (Book Chapter)


Transforming the way we meet: Planning a virtual library conference, Jennifer Deal, Brenda Fay, Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely, Michele Matucheski, and Carrie Papa-Schold (Article)

Works from 2018


Graphic medicine: comics as a self-care tool for undergraduate students, Brenda Fay (Oral/Podium Presentation)


Graphic medicine: healing through comics, Brenda Fay (Article)


How the library and continuing medical education work together, Brenda Fay, Theresa Frederick, and Rita Mitchell (Poster)

Starting our health care IR: challenges, unexpected partnerships, and creative solutions in a large health care system, Jennifer Deal and Brenda Fay (Oral/Podium Presentation)


Unintended consequences of the electronic medical record on physicians in training and their mentors, Zachary R Paterick, Nachiket J Patel, and Timothy E. Paterick (Article)


Validation and refinement of a pain Information model from EHR flowsheet data, Bonnie L Westra, Steven G Johnson, Samira Ali, Karen M Bavuso, Christopher A Cruz, Sarah Collins, Meg Furukawa, Mary L. Hook, Anne LaFlamme, Kay Lytle, Lisiane Pruinelli, Tari Rajchel, Theresa Tess Settergren, Kathryn F Westman, and Luann Whittenburg (Article)

Works from 2017

An institutional repository experience at a large health care system, Brenda Fay, Jennifer Deal, and Vicki Budzisz (Article)

Works from 2016

A116: Can an automated electronic health record (EHR) report be used to identify patients eligible for the Hospital Elder Life Program(HELP)?, Jonny Macias Tejada, Michael Malone, J. L. Otteson, Michelle R. Simpson, Linda E. Culhane, and Aaron Malsch (Abstract)


An institutional repository in a multi‐hospital health care system, Brenda Fay, Vicki Budzisz, and Jennifer Deal (Poster)


Enhancing scholarly visibility using an institutional repository as a springboard for scholarly profiles in a multi-hospital health care system, Brenda Fay, Jennifer Deal, Deb Simpson, and Dave Stout (Oral/Podium Presentation)

Integration of a clinical pathways software into an EHR in a large, multisite, hospital-affiliated community oncology setting, Corey J. Shamah, Thomas J. Saphner, Jacob C. Frick, Carol Huibregtse, and Gail Stiemke (Abstract)

The importance of the medical record: a critical professional responsibility, Elizabeth Ngo, Nachiket Patel, Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran, A. Jamil Tajik, and Timothy E Paterick (Article)

Works from 2015


An Automated Model Using Electronic Health Record Data to Identify Delirium Among Hospitalized Older Adults: A Pilot Project, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Hina Singh, Ayesha Maria, and Michelle Simpson (Supplement)

Can the Electronic Health Record Identify Vulnerable Older Adults in Need of a Palliative Care Assessment in the Hospital Setting?, James D Hocker, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Mary L. Hook, Michelle R. Simpson, Aaron Malsch, Marsha Vollbrecht, and Michael Malone (Article)

EHR Documentation: The Hype and the Hope for Improving Nursing Satisfaction and Quality Outcomes, Ann OʼBrien, Charlotte Weaver, Theresa Tess Settergren, Mary L. Hook, and Catherine H Ivory (Article)

Harmonizing and extending standards from a domain-specific and bottom-up approach: an example from development through use in clinical applications, Marcelline R Harris, Laura Heermann Langford, Holly Miller, Mary L. Hook, Patricia C Dykes, and Susan A Matney (Article)


Prognostic Indices for Hospitalized Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review, Ariba Khan, Ayesha Maria, James Hocker, Maharaj Singh, and Michelle Simpson (Supplement)


Score Big for Decreasing Mortality: ICD Risk Score Model, Linda Francaviglia, Rachel Petersen, Maria Stone, and M. Eyman Mortada (Supplement)


Using an Automated Model to Identify Older Patients at Risk for 30-Day Hospital Readmission and 30-Day Mortality, Ariba Khan, Mary L. Hook, Maharaj Singh, Marsha Vollbrecht, Aaron Malsch, and Michael L. Malone (Supplement)

What Medical Informaticians Do With and Think About an International Medical Informatics Listserv: Member Survey Preliminary Findings, Craig Kuziemsky, Martha B Adams, Bonnie Kaplan, Kourosh Ravvaz, and Ross Koppel (Article)

Works from 2014


Discordant Documentation of Obesity Body Mass Index and Obesity Diagnosis in Electronic Medical Records, Jennifer T. Fink, George L. Morris III, Maharaj Singh, David A. Nelson, Renee E. Walker, and Ron A. Cisler (Original Research)

Electronic data modeling to predict 30-day hospital readmission for older adults: A127, Ariba Khan, Mary L. Hook, Patti Pagel, Marsha Vollbrecht, Kanwardeep Singh, Aaron Malsch, and Michael L. Malone (Abstract)

Using the electronic health record as an innovative approach to measure delirium in older hospitalized patients, Ariba Khan, Michelle R. Simpson, Maharaj Singh, Michael L. Malone, and Mary L. Hook (Abstract)

Works from 2013

An electronic medical record marker for delirium in hospitalized elderly: A93, John Lung, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Laila Hasan, Anna Karst, Kanwardeep Singh, and Michael L. Malone (Abstract)

Works from 2012

An electronic medical record-derived real-time assessment scale for hospital readmission in the elderly, Ariba Khan, Michael L. Malone, Patti Pagel, Marsha A. Vollbrecht, and Dennis Baumgardner (Article)

Can a real-time checklist, automatically generated by the electronic medical record, predict 30-day readmissions in hospitalized elderly?: C99, Ariba Khan, Karen Padua, Michael L. Malone, Marsha A. Vollbrecht, and Patti Pagel (Abstract)

Consumer health outreach as a sum of parts: individual and collective approaches of a health care system's libraries, Amy Donahue, Vicki Budzisz, Holly Egebo, Brenda Fay, Sandra Karnold, Marie Koepsel, Marcy Lisiecki, Mini Prasad, David Ruby, Kathleen Strube, and Lucy Webb (Article)

Implementing the electronic medical record: building on success, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2009

An IT innovation for individualizing care: success with clinicians leading the way, Mary L. Hook, Laura J Burke, and Judy Murphy (Article)

Works from 2008


Implementation of SFX and MetaLib in a multi-hospital health care system, Vicki Budzisz and Brenda Fay (Poster)

MedlinePlus Pearls, Brenda Fay (Oral/Podium Presentation)

Works from 2007

Patient information rounds in a hospital system, Kathleen Strube, Mary Lou Hoffmann, Amy Melchiors, Holly Egebo, and Lucy Webb (Article)