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There are fifty-eight million adults aged 65 and older in the United States making up 17.3% of the population. According to the CDC, in 2022, there were 27 million visits by older adults to over 4,500 emergency departments (EDs) across the country. The ED utilization rate for those aged 75 and older was higher than for all other age groups, except for infants. One third of older adults seen in the ED require hospitalization while others require a coordinated care plan and care transitions beyond the ED. Multiple health care providers engage with older patients during their ED visit. This is why it is essential for our workforce to use principles of geriatric medicine in their care.


In 2018, Dr. Michael Malone created a Geriatric Emergency Department monthly newsletter that was disseminated among faculty and staff in Geriatric EDs throughout the Advocate Health Care system. In January 2020, that monthly newsletter was transformed into the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (JGEM.) Dr. Malone, alongside his colleague, Dr. Teresita Hogan from the University of Chicago, serve as JGEM's Co-Editors-in-Chief. JGEM is an online-only, peer-reviewed publication that continues to gain momentum since its start in 2020. It has also been the foundation for a series of professional education webinars for the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC.) GEDC is a nationwide collaborative group we work in partnership with and, like JGEM, is dedicated to improving the quality of care for older adults in emergency departments.


The mission of JGEM is to improve emergency health care for older adults by providing an open-access, peer-reviewed, quality education and dissemination platform giving providers in all disciplines the evidence they need to enhance emergency care for older adults.

JGEM is the unique repository for all providers of geriatric emergency care including emergency nurses, emergency physicians, emergency services, geriatricians, pharmacists, primary care providers, physical therapists, psychiatrists, social services, care managers, and surgeons. Older adult emergency care is complex and often requires a team approach, referral, and follow-up. As the centralized repository for the many providers supporting excellence in older emergency care JGEM informs and connects these many disciplines in the provision of evidence based excellent and coordinated care needed for this population from an emergency care perspective.

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