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Works from 2020


08: Zika virus targets stem cell markers and modulates antiviral responses in glioblastoma cancer stem cells, Beau Adams, Sam D. Zwernik, Daniel Raymond, Richard Rovin, and Parvez Akhtar (Poster)


09: P53 level and MGMT promoter methylation are playing a role in Zika virus replication in glioblastoma, Sam D. Zwernik, Beau Adams, Jun Yin, Santhi Konduri, Richard Rovin, and Parvez Akhtar (Poster)


A Feasibility Study of Lavender Aromatherapy in an Awake Craniotomy Environment, Kailah Cathey, Nichole Gunyon, Nancy Chung, Nancy Conway, Diane Ames, Maharaj Singh, Amin B. Kassam, and Richard A. Rovin (Original Research)


Clinical outcomes following early versus late pharmacologic thromboprophylaxis in patients with traumatic intracranial hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Victor M Lu, Mohammed A Alvi, Richard A. Rovin, and Ekkehard M Kasper (Article)


Intravenous lidocaine for chronic neuropathic pain a systematic review addressing nursing care, Rachelle J. Lancaster, Kathleen Wren, Amy Hudson, Karen Leavitt, Maurizio Albala, and Dawn Tischaefer (Article)


Long-term safety and efficacy of closed-loop spinal cord stimulation to treat chronic back and leg pain (Evoke): a double-blind, randomised, controlled trial, Nagy Mekhail, Robert M Levy, Timothy R Deer, Leonardo Kapural, Sean Li, Kasra Amirdelfan, Corey W Hunter, Steven M Rosen, Shrif J Costandi, Steven M Falowski, Abram H Burgher, Jason E Pope, Christopher A Gilmore, Farooq A Qureshi, Peter S Staats, James Scowcroft, Jonathan Carlson, Christopher K Kim, Michael I Yang, Thomas Stauss, and Lawrence Poree (Article)

Works from 2019


A rare case of hyperhomocysteinemia-associated thrombotic stroke in the pediatric age group, Hitanshu Dave, Parth Dalal, Pooja Patel, and Rupak Desai (Article)


Changes in child functioning pre-to post-neuropsychological evaluation, Tarra Combs, Dean W Beebe, Cynthia A Austin, Melissa Gerstle, and James Peugh (Article)


Cyclical sweating caused by temporal lobe seizures, Mark K. Chelmowski and George L Morris (Article)


Feasibility of home-based neurologic music therapy for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: a pilot study, Samantha K Holden, Julia Sheffler, Rebekah Stewart, Sarah Thompson, Justin Persson, Taylor Finseth, Stefan Sillau, and Benzi M Kluger (Article)


Impact of balloon guide catheter use on clinical and angiographic outcomes in the STRATIS stroke thrombectomy registry, Osama O Zaidat, Nils H Mueller-Kronast, Ameer E Hassan, Diogo C Haussen, Ashutosh P Jadhav, Michael T Froehler, Reza Jahan, Mohammad Ali Aziz-Sultan, Richard P Klucznik, Jeffrey L Saver, Frank R Hellinger, Dileep R Yavagal, Tom L Yao, Rishi Gupta, Coleman O Martin, Hormozd Bozorgchami, Ritesh Kaushal, Raul G Nogueira, Ravi H Gandhi, Eric C Peterson, Shervin Dashti, Curtis A Given, Brijesh P Mehta, Vivek Deshmukh, Sidney Starkman, Italo Linfante, Scott H McPherson, Peter Kvamme, Thomas J Grobelny, Muhammad Shazam Hussain, Ike Thacker, Nirav Vora, Peng Roc Chen, Stephen J Monteith, Robert D Ecker, Clemens M Schirmer, Eric Sauvageau, Alex Bou Chebl, Colin P Derdeyn, Lucian Maidan, Aamir Badruddin, Adnan H Siddiqui, Travis M Dumont, Abdulnasser Alhajeri, Muhammad A Taqi, Khaled Asi, Jeffrey Carpenter, Alan Boulos, Gaurav Jindal, Ajit S Puri, Rohan Chitale, Eric M Deshaies, David Robinson, David F Kallmes, Blaise W Baxter, Mouhammed Jumaa, Peter Sunenshine, Aniel Majjhoo, Joey D English, Shuichi Suzuki, Richard D Fessler, Josser Delgado-Almandoz, Jerry C Martin, and David S Liebeskind (Article)


Medication education on a primary stroke unit, Kristin Pederson-Carver and Anna Fochs (Poster)


Neuroanatomical correlates of personality traits in temporal lobe epilepsy: findings from the Epilepsy Connectome Project, Charlene N Rivera Bonet, Bruce Hermann, Cole J Cook, Gyujoon Hwang, Kevin Dabbs, Veena Nair, Courtney Forseth, Jedidiah Mathis, Linda Allen, Dace N Almane, Karina Arkush, Rasmus Birn, Lisa L Conant, Edgar A DeYoe, Elizabeth Felton, Colin J Humphries, Peter Kraegel, Rama Maganti, Andrew Nencka, Onyekachi Nwoke, Manoj Raghavan, Megan Rozman, Umang Shah, Veronica N Sosa, Aaron F Struck, Neelima Tellapragada, Candida Ustine, B Douglas Ward, Vivek Prabhakaran, Jeffrey R Binder, and Mary E Meyerand (Article)


Thread common peroneal nerve release-a cadaveric validation study, Logan McCool, Danqing Guo, Danzhu Guo, Richard Harrison, Brionn Tonkin, Alexander Senk, and Michel Kliot (Article)


Thrombus imaging in acute stroke, Waldo R. Guerrero, Dominika Golubczyk, and Piotr Walczak (Article)

Works from 2018


Correlation of noninvasive blood pressure and invasive intra-arterial blood pressure in patients treated with vasoactive medications in a neurocritical care unit, Ali A Saherwala, Sonja E Stutzman, Mohamed Osman, Junaid Kalia, Stephen A Figueroa, DaiWai M Olson, and Venkatesh Aiyagari (Article)


Pomona large vessel occlusion screening tool for prehospital and emergency room settings, Kessarin Panichpisal, Kenneth Nugent, Maharaj Singh, Richard Rovin, Reji Babygirija, Yogesh Moradiya, Karen Tse-Chang, Kimberly A Jones, Katrina J Woolfolk, Debbie Keasler, Bhupat Desai, Parinda Sakdanaraseth, Paphavee Sakdanaraseth, Alimohammad Moalem, and Nazli Janjua (Article)


Solving a problem by insight: a neuropsychological approach, John A. Slayden (Article)


Thrombolysis after protamine reversal of heparin for acute ischemic stroke after cardiac catheterization: case report and literature review, Danielle S Warner, Bryan G Schwartz, Reji Babygirija, Richard A. Rovin, Amin B. Kassam, Lindsay Biddick, Rehan Sajjad, Adil Chohan, and Kessarin Panichpisal (Article)

Works from 2017

An update on addressing important peripheral nerve problems: challenges and potential solutions, Wilson Z Ray, Mark A Mahan, Danzhu Guo, Danqing Guo, and Michel Kliot (Article)

Contrasting the role of xCT and GLT-1 upregulation in the ability of Ceftriaxone to attenuate the cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking and normalize AMPA receptor subunit expression, Amber Lacrosse, Sinead M O'Donovan, Marian T Sepulveda-Orengo, Robert E McCullumsmith, Kathryn J Reissner, Marek Schwendt, and Lori A Knackstedt (Article)

Erratum to: an update on addressing important peripheral nerve problems: challenges and potential solutions, Wilson Z Ray, Mark A Mahan, Danzhu Guo, Danqing Guo, and Michel Kliot (Article)

Works from 2016

ACTR-14. Disulfiram sensitizes glioblastoma to abraxane and temozolomide treatment through inhibition of MGMT and aldehyde dehydrogenase, Amin Kassam and Santhi Konduri (Abstract)

Disulfiram sensitizes glioblastoma to abraxane and temozolomide treatment through inhibition of mgmt and aldehyde dehydrogenase, George C. Bobustuc, Deborah Donohoe, Richard Rovin, Amin B. Kassam, and Santhi Konduri (Poster)

Estimating risk of word-finding problems in adults undergoing epilepsy surgery, Robyn M Busch, Darlene P Floden, Brigid Prayson, Jessica S Chapin, Kevin H Kim, Lisa Ferguson, William Bingaman, and Imad M Najm (Article)

Estimating risk of word-finding problems in adults undergoing epilepsy surgery, Robyn M Busch, Darlene P Floden, Brigid Prayson, Jessica S Chapin, Kevin H Kim, Lisa Ferguson, William Bingaman, and Imad M Najm (Article)

EXTH-10: A novel small molecule therapy sensitizes high-grade glioma to temozolomide chemotherapy, Amin Kassam and Richard Rovin (Abstract)

Folic acid supplementation, Kaarkuzhali Babu Krishnamurthy and George L. Morris III (Book Chapter)

Get with the guidelines award winning hospitals are associated with decreased door to needle times in Michigan and Wisconsin, Syed I. Ali, Lynn Mallas-Serdynski, and Kathie Thomas (Abstract)

Initial experience with a robotics guided optics platform in lumbar spine surgery, Thomas Doers, Srikant S. Chakravarthi, Sarika Walia, Laura Rolfs, Richard A Rovin, and Amin B. Kassam (Poster)

Murine avatars permit study of glioblastoma genesis and progression, Paul J. Mintz, Monica Cucciare, Denise Coley, Amber Lacrosse, Richard A Rovin, Amin B. Kassam, and Chang-Hyuk Kwon (Poster)

Reconstruction following EEA: a 0.5% CSF leak rate in 200 consecutive cases, Amin B. Kassam and Martin J. Corsten (Abstract)

TMOD-06: Adaptive culture techniques for high grade glioma, meningioma and brain metastasis, Amin Kassam and Denise Coley (Abstract)

TMOD-10: Murine avatars permit study of glioblastoma genesis and progression, Amin Kassam and Amber Lacrosse (Abstract)

TMOD-12: A novel patient-derived xenograft model of brain metastasis, Amin B. Kassam and Amber Lacrosse (Abstract)

Works from 2015

False-positive serum botulism bioassay in Miller-Fisher Syndrome, Yuriy Zeylikman, Vishal Shah, Umang Shah, Thomas R Mirsen, and Joseph V Campellone (Case Report)

Neurosyphilis: an uncommon cause of dementia, Avinash Rao, Ariba Khan, Kanwardeep Singh, Debra L Anderson, and Michael L. Malone (Article)

RNA nanoparticle as a vector for targeted siRNA delivery into glioblastoma mouse model, Tae Jin Lee, Farzin Haque, Dan Shu, Ji Young Yoo, Hui Li, Robert A Yokel, Craig Horbinski, Tae Hyong Kim, Sung-Hak Kim, Chang-Hyuk Kwon, Ichiro Nakano, Balveen Kaur, Peixuan Guo, and Carlo M Croce (Article)

The safety and efficacy of image-guided tran-sulcal radial corridors for hematoma evacuation: a multicenter study, Mohamed Labib, Gavin Britz, Ronald Young, Lloyd Zucker, Mitesh Shah, Charles G. Kulwin, Anthony Maioriello, JD Day, Gary Gallia, Robert Kerr, Richard Rovin, and Amin Kassam (Oral/Podium Presentation)

Works from 2014

Disulfiram is a direct and potent inhibitor of human O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) in brain tumor cells and mouse brain and markedly increases the alkylating DNA damage, Ameya Paranjpe, Ruiwen Zhang, Francis Ali-Osman, George C. Bobustuc, and Kalkunte S Srivenugopal (Article)

Inhibition of glioblastoma malignancy by Lgl1, Alexander Gont, Jennifer E L Hanson, Sylvie J Lavictoire, Manijeh Daneshmand, Garth Nicholas, John Woulfe, Amin B. Kassam, Vasco F Da Silva, and Ian A J Lorimer (Article)

The TRUST (EvaluaTion of Bladder Function in Relapsing-Remitting MUltiple Sclerosis Patients Treated with Natalizumab) observational study, Bhupendra O Khatri, John F Foley, Jennifer Fink, John F Kramer, Choon Cha, Xiaojun You, John D Warth, and Pam Foulds (Article)